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Arts - Dance With Me

Author: Lauren McKellar
Thursday, 13 September 2007
Three years ago it was the latest trend in fitness or a great excuse to revamp your sex life. Now that the hype has died down, 3D’s Lauren Mckellar got the dirt on the Miss Pole Dance Australia competition.

Started in 2006, the Miss Pole Dance Australia competition is an extremely popular event, and no wonder; some of the moves these girls can do are nothing short of amazing.

With the finals coming up I spoke to several of the finalists about how they got into this slightly racy activity.

“I started professionally stripping and ended up taking pole dancing lessons so that I had a way of entertaining myself on stage,” Suzie Q smiles.

“I actually find being a dancer has created major issues with significant others over the years. It takes a guy with a lot of self-confidence and self esteem to know that you’re not going to cheat on him. But really – if I’m at a bucks night and they have to wake the guy up so I can dance for him, I don’t think I’m gonna be leaving my boy!”

With a background in gymnastics and cheerleading, Suzie was made for the stage and has since performed as a dancer extensively.

“I teach pole at iPole in Stanmore and did personal training for a while,” she says. “I also do professional pole dancing shows. Last week I had to dance in Pitt St Mall on a street sign while doing a shoot for Ralph Magazine!”

As with any sport, pole dancing does have its injuries and pitfalls, aside from the apparent relationship hindrance.

“I’ve been on crutches twice; I’ve torn both rotator calves,” she says. “I’m always injured and always bruised. It’s not a glamorous sport.”

Another contestant to make it through to the finals is Candice, another pole dancing instructor, but this time for Bobbi’s Pole School in the City. Both herself and Suzie Q were featured on the recent Foxtel television show Erotic Star, hosted by Bessie Bardot.

“Erotic Star was weird for me,” she admits. “I’d never really done reality television or watched it, and it was a little bit bitchy and strange.”

A professional dancer, Candice is no stranger to the spotlight but admits that getting into pole has done a lot for her self-confidence.

“I used to have a really bad body image and be very insecure,” she says. “But now, I can go out there and take layers off – it’s great!”

WHAT: Miss Pole Dance Australia Finals
WHEN: Saturday 22 September