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Audius - Chart Attack

Author: Darryn King
Monday, 19 November 2007
The first album Audius ever bought was a Kylie Minogue cassette – which turned out to be a sign of things to come. Since coming to Australia from Zimbabwe, he has worked with Delta, Paulini and Ricki-Lee – but he’s a songwriter, first and foremost, and his love of music extends far beyond the borders of pop. 3D’s Darryn King tunes in.

How is Day Like This a step forward from your self-titled debut-
My self-titled album was only released in Africa, because it wasn’t relevant to the Australian urban scene. In my latest release I have challenged myself to write and produce songs that will relate to a more international audience, and being a bit older and wiser definitely helps too.

You’ve described Day Like This as a glimpse into your soul – how much do you draw on your Zimbabwean heritage-

The album was written over a period of over a year – all the songs that I couldn’t let someone else record because they were too personal. First and foremost I am a producer and songwriter for other people – but when I come up with something that feels right for my own album, I spend the next couple of days being an artist.
I am very proud of being Zimbabwean. I would consider myself lost if I were to forget my roots. My passion for music started there, and influences everything I do. I am influenced by everything from urban to rock, and everything in between. I love music, and more than that, I love making it.

You collaborated with Delta Goodrem on her Innocent Eyes album, right-

Writing and producing for Delta was a great experience, I got the chance to work with her at the most crucial stage of her career. My publisher initially suggested it, but it’s only once you get in the studio and start working that you realise if the collaboration works or not. Delta’s a great musician, and I’m so pleased with what she has achieved, both for her and others who contributed to her talent.

You’ve also worked with Selwyn and a couple of Australian Idol contestants, right-
Sony ATV is my publisher and I work with most of the major labels in Australia. It is flattering when labels ask you to work with their new artists, and once I meet the artist, and listen to their ideas, I see if I get any inspiration to add to their work. If I do, we hit the studio and get recording. I have worked with a number of the Australian Idol contestants, and it’s always interesting to meet the faces you see on TV each week! The reason why they get so far on the show is because they are very talented and I have enormous respect for them. They have all been interesting projects to work on, especially Selwyn’s Meant to Be, Paulini’s album and both of Ricki Lee’s albums were also amazing – they are great ladies to work with. We often have to work with a lot of time constraints with the Idol artists, which is why I also love working on developing my own artists, and taking our time with the process.

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