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Bloody Beetroots - Italian Bloodbath

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Thursday, 4 October 2007
Watch out France, Italy may become the next dominant powerhouse in underground electro if Bloody Beetroots are anything to go by. Remixing the likes of Timbaland, Goose and fellow mask-donner Toxic Avenger, the Beetroots caught the eye of the Trashbags posse and are now hitting it up down under. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse threw a few questions.

How did you go from being just another Italian act to being all over the internet and touring to the extremes of the Earth such as Australia-
I think I’ve understood that to become known all over the globe there is the need for a solid partnership and a good product to present. I’ve decided to embark on this road with Tommy Tea to create a team with the necessary characteristics to progress using each one’s potentials. The bases are sturdy production, professionalism, accurate decisions and objectives to reach. We both come from life experiences that are very different, we wanted to resume them and follow them into the project The Bloody Beetroots. Fundamentally we were bored to hell of a reality, the Italian one, without any incitement; same clubs, same music, economic crisis, almost cipher investment and of very little gutsy.

Do you think having a strong internet presence is just as important these days as actually DJing in building your reputation-
Internet, particularly MySpace and the independent blogs have contributed to create a parallel market to the disc one. In this way we managed to unsaddle the labels to reach a different basin of listeners, bound primarily to the reality of people. I think the activity of the DJ is the outlet of a work created before. It’s an arrival. Like a big wave comes from much farther…

You’re also in a band, Bob Rifo. What came first for you – punk or electro-
Bob Rifo is my mind employed like a toy. You can find Bob into punk, electro, hip hop as much as into classic music and photography, video making and words. I don’t prefer any music kind, I prefer the music. I don’t want to consider myself an artist, I am basically a manipulator of my own mind. And it’s for this reason that I’ve never wanted to make an album just because I had to. Instead I gave priority to personal expression. What kind of world would it be without being able of expressing our own feeling-

Are you dropping a Bloody Beetroots EP or full length record anytime soon-
Not yet, we have various proposal and we are evaluating them together with our manager Enrico. Most surely 2008 is the release year for the first EP, we will do our best to work with more than just one label, dividing expertises from country to country.

We still have to dig into different cultures; taking a choice of this type we will know how to do it. We love to mix with locals and absorb gestures, way of doing, philosophies. It’s the engine in order to keep the wheel spinning for new productions.

What’s with the Spider-Man mask-
We are big estimators of super heroes – Spider-Man is one of our favs! Pure aesthetic choice, but in the same way a separation line between our daily private life and the entertainment bit.

Australia is pretty familiar with the French electro scene – what’s Italy like-
The Italian scene is the one we are re-building…now! We are working hard and constantly with a crew of people (ever expanding) interconnected with the electro environment: Crookers, Congorock, Turbokrapfen, Fucked From Above 1985. In Italy we are the only ones, we relate everyday to compare productions, remixes, ideas and experiences from gigs in other countries. Phra from Crookers could be my girlfriend if you take into account how many hours we spend on the phone…
It’s very difficult to create a scene in Italy – there is an overwhelming envy. Luckily things are changing…

WHO: Bloody Beetroots
WHAT: Play Kill The Radio at The Roxy
WHEN: Saturday 13 October