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Bluejuice - Pass The Courvoisier

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 4 October 2007

They may not be blue but they are pretty juicy. We are, of course, talking about Bluejuice. 3D’s Darryn King caught up with bassist Jamie Cibej to discuss…stuff. And things.

According to your bio, Bluejuice was formed out of ex-members of Daryl Braithwaite’s band Sherbert and a couple of she-males… But is there anything else you can tell us about how you met and came together-
The real story about how we formed actually features more middle-aged rockstars and instances of gender-realignment surgery than the one we made up. And anyway, if I said we mostly went to school together and formed a stupid band in 2001, you’re not likely to believe something that exciting are you-

You’ve supported the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Jackson Jackson, Butterfingers and The Specials, but who was your favourite- Be honest.

I think it’s safe to judge the greatness of a band on how much their fans hate Bluejuice. Using such a method one can deduce that Dizzee and the Specials are REALLY AMAZING.

They’re all great though, but at a push I’d say The Specials, and only because their bass player used a snippet of one of our songs as his ringtone. At least, that’s what he SAID. Bass players are filthy liars, as a rule.

Paul Keating, Avril Lavigne, Captain Planet and French composer Erik Satie are your Top Friends on MySpace… How have these people provided inspiration to you-
Bluejuice are all about wearing dapper Italian suits and skating in the mall. We love to rap about Gaia, and play starkly unaccompanied, yet somehow movingly dense piano melodies.
(Speaking of Captain Planet, did he have a blue penis and green pubic hair-)
You should ask that little guy with the monkey – he’d know for sure. ‘Heart’ indeed.

Judging by the implied nudity of the Problems cover, as well as some of the other pics of you guys floating around, is it fair to say that you guys have fun at your photo shoots or what-
What “fun” could five healthy, vigorous and virile young men undressing in a warehouse in Darlinghurst possibly have, I ask you- I don’t understand the question.

Speaking of Problems, why’d you call it that- And what’s the biggest problem with life in Bluejuice-
Problems are what you get when you have a small Chihuahua cross Toy Poodle for a manager, like we do. He doesn’t ask for much of a percentage, but he repeatedly fouls up the tour bus and costs a fortune in cleaning bills. He left a stool in a bottle shop just last week – and only because they wouldn’t sell him any Courvoisier.

WHO: Bluejuice
WHAT: Play Surry Hills Festival at Prince Alfred Park
WHEN: Saturday 13 October
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