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Bluejuice - Seriously Unambitious

Author: Angus Thompson
Friday, 24 August 2007
Bluejuice’s debut album Problems is a combo-assault of genre adaptations, an aggressive collection of rock, electro, jazz, RnB flavoured with sharp hip hop vocals that could be spat at you from a passing stranger. 3D’s Angus Thompson discovers talking with Bluejuice co-front man Stav Yiannoukas is almost as disconcerting and certainly as abrupt.

An experience with Stav Yiannoukas schizophrenically swerves between jocularity, vagueness, wit and profundity. Confusing and enigmatic, only a combination of all four provides a sincere examination of the outcasts of Aussie hip hop.

“I don’t think we actually have a place in hip hop at all. I think we’re way too rock for the hip hop heads and we’re probably too hip hop for the rock/pop heads. That’s why I kinda like it because I feel like we’re doing our own thing.

“I was writing an email to someone today about getting support for a fairly well known hip hop act in Australia, and the response that I got was basically that that band would only tour with ‘purist’ hip hop acts.

“I think that sometimes there’s a close mindedness that comes with certain scenes in music and Australian hip hop can be one of them.”

As a result Bluejuice are a group forming their own camp in the badlands of genre-exile, suspended in a twilight between ambition and indifference.

Despite the eclectic nature of their music Stav maintains the band themselves are cohesively serious and goal-oriented towards song writing: a stark contrast to the obnoxious don’t-give-a-fuck façade the group have built up during their time on the Aussie circuit.

“I think we all strive to be better in what we’re doing, definitely. Otherwise I don’t think you would hear the progression that would’ve occurred from the first to the second release, and now to the third. I just think the third release is leaps and bounds ahead of the other two.”

“We’re obviously serious enough to have been doing it for six years. It’s not a joke to us, you know. Just because we’ve got a sense of humour it doesn’t mean we’re any less serious than the most serious emo band, man,” explains Stav impersonating a metal-core accent.

Bluejuice are no strangers to success, having scored accolades as the 2003 MUSICOZ artists of the year as well as high rotation on triple j for a number of their songs, including current single Vitriol. However, more concerned with self gratification than industry kudos, Stav continues to be pragmatic about the reception of the album.

“I get the feeling that most people will not like the record from start to finish, and that there will probably be songs that people will like and there will probably be songs that people will hate.

“It doesn’t faze me. I can’t think its possible to please everyone. Its difficult enough to please oneself, unless of course it’s in quiet moments.

“It’s not about comparing oneself to anyone else, its just about writing what feels right or sounds good. I think that people forget that they’re actually an instrument. There’s a percussive element to what they’re doing and that’s probably more important, to some degree, than what they’re actually saying, you know- Actually sounding good is really important.”

WHO: Bluejuice
WHAT: Play Candy’s Apartment
WHEN: Friday 31 August