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Bob Sinclar - Bob The Bunner

Author: Toni Tambourine
Thursday, 27 September 2007
Bob Sinclar’s latest album was recorded live at the Playboy Mansion so Toni Tambourine decided to delve into the world of buns and bunnies for a revealing insight into the Parisian DJ’s world.

Let’s talk about the Playboy lifestyle – was it always a fantasy of yours to get involved with that-
Yes, I’m a fan of the ’70s and ’80s. There were all these erotic kitsch stories. It’s completely different now. The entire erotic ethos – you don’t really get that anymore. So, I love the atmosphere from the ’70s and ’80s and Bob Sinclar is all about that. This is how I made my persona. I wanted to imagine a character from the ’80s. I imagined this story in 1998 and created the Bob Sinclar character.

In your early inspirations, that styling was featured a lot in your artwork and we definitely saw that.
For me it all happened in between ’73 and ’83. During these ten years, everything happened there. Every classic film for me is from that period. Most of my favourite records are also from that period. A lot of good things happened in that period, even for art, for everything.

Have you always aspired to be in Playboy magazine-
Yeah, it’s a dream, you know. I know that Sean Connery did it and James Bond. I like heroes and I like anti-heroes. I’m a fan of Mr. Bean and I am a fan of Roger Moore. I like heroes in general; I could be one of them in my music, so why not with Playboy; to do the cover with a beautiful girl, it’s really chic.

What do you think makes the perfect “ladies man” – what qualities do you think somebody needs to have to be a playboy-
Life is all about seduction; for women, men and everything. So, I would like to say I’m doing music for women and the gay community. It’s like, I know my feminine side and I like to use it for all my melodies, harmonies and I’m also looking for energy in the beat. My music is very emotional.

It’s great that you look to seduce people with your music!

Yeah, and now you see the DJ is an icon. He is the centre of the night. He’s preaching his music. So, his attitude is here to seduce the people and to attract the people towards him. In my case, I don’t like to force people to like my selections. I like to bring people into the music. So, it’s a kind of seduction, and of course the DJ attitude has to be very sexy and very smiley – it’s my style and I think people like it.

Moving on to the album, what is it about the selection that makes it appealing to be a Playboy album-
I think that period of music was sexy. Why- Because it was all about going out, dancing and enjoying disco styles. I think it was the best period for that – the golden period for clubbing, very chic, and it was the beginning of something. Dance music today is just recycled from that period, in a way. At that time, people wanted to go out with a certain kind of attitude and, of course, money was important to make people shine in the club. The themes of the songs at that time were all about dancing, meeting someone and making love. But it’s coming back. People saying disco is dead – disco will never be dead because it’s all about the feeling, and people want to go out every Friday and Saturday and they’re just here to enjoy the moment and forget their everyday problems. They want to feel good and I think that’s what disco brings.

WHO: Bob Sinclar
WHAT: Live at the Playboy Mansion through Defected/EQ/Stomp
WHEN: Out now