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Bonde Do Role - On A Role

Author: Darryn King
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Brazil’s Bonde Do Role willgo down as one of 2007’s biggest breakthroughs, suggests 3D’s Cyclone. The arty suburban trio from Curitiba in the south havesubverted stereotypes of Brazilian pop culture with their raucous – and oftenrandom – blend of baile funk, punk and electro. As such, the party favourites,catapulted into the international spotlight by Diplo, himself obsessed with funk carioca, havetoured constantly behind With Lasers. Now Marina Ribatski, Pedro D'eyrot and DJ Rodrigo Gorky, described asBrazil’s Beastie Boys, are coming to Australia. They’re booked for a series of dates, culminating in a gig at Beck’s Baras part of the Sydney Festival. It’s quite an achievement for a group signedbefore their second show. Yet, as Gorky, the band leader, kids, Bonde stilldon’t have a private jet. The producer has previously DJed in Oz. And he namechecks freshAustralian talent like Bumblebeez. But, more significantly, Bonde have alreadycaused a commotion here. Their Marina Gasolina was licensed for a saucyBonds ad. According to Media Watch,Portuguese-speaking viewers picked up on the risqué lyrics. The music wasabandoned. Gorky is cross. “I’m so mad at this person whotranslated it, because it is the most absurdtranslation I ever heard! “Do you know 50 Cent- Do you remember that song, [sings] ‘I’ll take youto the candy shop, I’ll let you lick my lollypop’- Is he singing about his dickon that song- Of course he is! But is he saying, ‘I’ll let you lick my dick-’Of course he’s not. He’s talking about lollypops. It’s the same thing with Gasolina. “We’re not saying those things with every singleword – even though if you speak Portuguese, you’re gonna understand that’s whatit’s about – but it’s just a bunch of metaphors. It’s a song about animals,come on! It’s a song about gorillas, piranhas and spiders. And horses [laughs].It’s all about that. It has the most nonsense lyric. “I wish the person who translated that would goto the show, but anyway... “I know what happened. It’s probably some oldBrazilian people who live in Australia and they translatedit and, since every single Brazilian has a dirty mind, they translated thewrong way!” Reportedly Gorky recently revealed to Radio 1’s Annie Macthat touring hard has taken its toll on the band, and they’re experiencing“internal problems”, but today, while croaky, he’s upbeat. Bonde will have a rest prior to their summer trek. “I think we’re gonnabe really well when we go Down Under.” And, far from alluding to any split, Gorky is looking to Bonde’s secondalbum. “We’re gonna start working on that next year, actually, because we don’twanna let the ball drop,” he says. “We’re already working on a lot of music. Wejust need some time to record it. I want it to be a little bit more sophisticatedthan the first one [laughs], but let’s see how it goes.” WHO: Bonde Do Role
WHAT: Play Field Day at the Domain / Beck’s Bar, Sydney Festival
WHEN: Tuesday 1 January / Thursday 10 January