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Boogie Pimps - Famous Gets Pimped

Author: Rezo
Thursday, 4 October 2007
The latest news from German DJ Marcus J Klak is that his Boogie Pimps partner in crime is now an Australian named Jon Henderson. Interview by our main crimefighter Rezo.

“Yes!” he bursts with excitement. “This is the latest news. I have got a new partner who is also from Australia.”

“He is a fantastic guy. He used to support us as the resident DJ when we played in Australia; and he took a lot of care of us when we were in Sydney, taking us to all the right spots and the right restaurants. When you go to a new city and you’ve only got a couple of days it is hard. So because of that, I invited him to come over and jam in the studio and we actually found out that we have got quite a lot in common. So he decided to become a German, I think people always think it’s a big thing and this is what happened. But I think its one of the coolest things to happen with Boogie Pimps so far. I am connected to a certain foreign country and I just got a partner from Australia who had to come in to replace my partner who quit two years ago for private reasons. I must admit I didn’t expect to find someone like Jon, but for a year now it has been the two of us.”

His great loves are, of course, spending time in the studio and on the club circuit. Musically, the guys are obsessed with everything from classical to disco and RNB. But house music is the number one.

“Man, I love the energy and freedom that you get from playing this sort of music,” he says. “You can bring so many impressions with house and not get blamed for it. I love that open-minded feeling you get from house. You can do anything – even a rock track – and people say you’re not afraid. It’s the freedom of being able to do anything; as long as you do it with some regard for the people that you have listening. I think your fans and the people that come to the club sometimes expect you to challenge yourself and do different things; there is no point doing the same thing over and over all the time; you need to do explore and experiment I think – that is the essence of a good producer.”

The boys have been in the studio in recent times churning out some tracks.

“A lot of the new stuff we’ve done actually has been getting great vibes in Germany, Europe and Russia and it’s always exciting to see how these things get accepted when we play.”

The tour will feature both Klak and Henderson working the mixer.

“Of course we will play Somebody To Love!” he beams of the Pimps’ biggest tune. “That song will belong in our sets forever. I love that song and I play it all the time. But there is also a whole bunch of fresh and new stuff and a lot of our own material as well. We have a lot of unreleased tracks in our box and people cannot miss the show! Get your ticket and come down to the club.

“If you can’t afford it, ask us and we will put you on the guest list. Just don’t miss out!”

I think he meant that in jest…

WHO: Boogie Pimps
WHAT: Play Famous at Home
WHEN: Saturday 13 October