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Broken Social Scene - Bringing The Scene Together

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Friday, 26 October 2007
Kevin Drew, frontman of Canadian indie super group Broken Social Scene, has a new record out, but is it a solo outing or a BSS album under a fancy title- 3D’s Carlisle Rogers finds out.

Kevin Drew is a little confused on the phone. I’m confused, and if you’ve read the title of his new CD, you’re probably a bit confused too. What’s this Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew: Spirit If crap-  Isn’t he in Broken Social Scene- Aren’t they all on the album (23 guests appear)-

Here’s what happened: Kevin Drew wrote over half of the album and sings lead vocals on the whole thing, but most of the Broken Social Scene regulars appear on the album, however it isn’t as neatly graceful as BSS’s 2005 eponymous long player, with almost indulgent moments layered between utterly beautiful melodies.

“It’s a solo album in the idea of how I made it,” Kevin tries to explain. “It’s not a solo album in the idea of its presentation and the idea that people won’t get past the fact that all the players are different people and everyone is from the band and some of the songwriting is not all mine.

“This started because Brendan was making a record at the same time and we both thought that we would try to have another outlet for all of the music that ends up down the sides. There are so many ambient recordings and film work, we wanted to have something else that could keep things in the family, or our brand, as people say. And we wanted it to find the audience.

“Also, there were so many people who are part of Broken Social Scene that were involved with it here and there. I just wanted to keep it like that. Everybody’s bands are all over the place. It is very hard to get everybody in a room. Brendan and I didn’t want to stop making music because of that. We just kept going, and that’s how that series came about.”

Kevin says that, while the songs on the album are not consciously confessional, he does seem to slip into his art from time to time. “I don’t really have a filter in my life. I don’t have a way of editing out my personal life from my day to day life. I just live with my lungs open. My lungs are a sweater. I just try to do what I can. It’s all about, for me, trying to get things to be as honest as they can. Because that’s where you will find people who want to listen to music like that, music for people who listen to music, not music listeners. 

“The idea that they want a little blood in their pop music, they want a little blood in their cereal, in their day to day. There are enough bands out there that follow a lot of traditions and follow a lot of forms and keep things in a certain box. If you listen to my record, it goes all over the place because this was the music that my friends and I make.”

WHO: Kevin Drew
WHAT: Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew: Spirit If out through Arts & Crafts/ Shiny
WHEN: out now