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Budspells - Spell It Like It Is

Author: 3D
Friday, 24 August 2007
In the lead up to their Kora support at the Gaelic Club, 3D caught up with Budspells to discuss dub, drum n bass and why ProTools is so damn good.

How would you personally describe your sound-
Roots and soul are the foundation of Budspells but hip hop is a huge contributor also. Where roots and soul are somewhat focused, hip hop embraces diversity so much more. Everything else we blend in the mix, for instance the whole electronica breaks thing and drum n bass. The dnb we do is more on the jungle dub side – artists like Smith and Mighty and Rockers with that downtempo/jungle style do it for us. Having said this, we try to push and channel progressive and conscious sounds to the fans and clubbers. A lot of music today is lyrically mindless and shallow. We want to contribute with something more socially aware.

You both have extensive musical backgrounds independent of each other, so how’d you two get together and decide to collaborate-
We meet at a Shabeen party in Sydney. Our love for similar music made for an instant connection. We hooked up and just started making beats together and things kinda fell into place.

You worked with P. Diggsss from Shapeshifter – whose rise has been astronomical in the past year – for your Inna Sences EP and MC Kye also featured on a Shapeshifter track. What are they like to work with-

They’re great to work with. We met them through Andrew Penman from Salmonella Dub and we instantly had a connection. Plus we’ve been gigging with their drummer Dreadford, so we all get on well. While they were on tour we went around to their hotel room with our portable studio and P Diggsss laid down some vox on a track called Ruckus. A year or so later they emailed us a track for their latest album and we laid down Kye’s vox on it.

Is it true that Ants can pretty much pick up and play any instrument-
No, that’s just press talk. I can play a few instruments a little but not a master of any. When you’ve got programs like ProTools to edit your music, it makes it easy to fix up all the mistakes and sound like you can play. We also use other musos to get different sounds and feels.

Finally, what can we expect from your first album and beyond-
NoMadik Souls is a mash of downbeat dub, moving through to more classic hip hip and finishing on an upbeat dnb/jungle feel. Beyond- More touring and promoting within Australia and New Zealand and also placing more focus on Europe for 2008.

WHO: Budspells
WHAT: Play the Gaelic Club
WHEN: Saturday 1 September