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Carl Kennedy - Rider On The Storm

Author: 3D
Friday, 12 October 2007
Carl Kennedy was born in the UK, found his spiritual calling in New York but now considers Australia home. 3D caught up with this DJing troubadour in the lead up to his gig at famous.

England has quite an envious dance culture, yet you moved to New York when you were 20. What attracted you to the Big Apple- Did you already have your eyes set on being a DJ-
I always as a kid had a feeling I would live in Brooklyn – I just knew it and when I went to New York I felt at home straight away. Some things are meant to be and this was the craziest feeling I had ever felt when I got there. I wasn’t really DJing then, apart from it being a hobby and something I loved – I was more just big into the music and clubbing than thinking about spinning, so leaving a big dance culture and walking into a non existent one didn’t bother me that much. NYC was the first place I had been that could keep me interested. I’m a typical Aries and get bored very easily. NYC was perfect for me. I then pretty much kick started the dance scene again with GBH and a few others and it got quite big there ’til 9/11, doing Radio1’s essential selection and creating that for the first time in America was a big highlight.

You call Australia your second home. What was it about our fair country that you love- And more specifically, what do you love about Australia’s clubbing culture-
What do I love about Australia- It would be easier to say what don’t I like… nothing! It’s the best place on earth. And the clubbing is better than the UK, it just doesn’t have as many clubs or parties. The UK is so important though as the industry is there, and most things resonate from there. The dance culture in Australia is young and vibrant and the parties are world class. Since my last residency in NY at Centro-fly nowhere has been home, but to be at Famous at 9:30 in the winter and see a line 50 metres deep is something I’ve never seen before. Literally quite rocking.

So what releases are you working on at the moment-
I’m in the UK now and just sold a record to major by a Gold Coast lad called Marco Demark feat Casey Barnes… Tiny Dancer – it’s going to be big. I’m also finishing off my new gang called Wasted Youth Crew all I can say is it’s like the Black Eyed Peas of dance so keep an ear out. Also when I’m back I’ve got to finish off the follow up to Ride The Storm so I’m busy as hell.

It’s always a buzz hearing a crowd cheer for a song, but it must be a massive rush when they go mental for one of your own songs. What’s that like-
It’s mad. I mean I’ve had some good records over the last few years – The Love You Bring Me was my first big one and that was good to hear out, and Right Before My Eyes with Johnny Gleeson was also great, but when I’ve been hearing Ride The Storm and the way people have reacted to it, from techno DJs to people coming to the club just to hear it blows me away, I get emails from all over the world saying how it’s helping them with their struggles and problems in life – what a spiritual feeling that is. A lot of bad shit happened with people trying to steal this record off me so I left it knowing that this record helped me personally go from rock bottom to the best place I have ever been and I’m glad I can be proud to have made something that helps people in whatever way that is from a piece of music. That’s why when I hear it out I just stop and listen.

WHO: Carl Kennedy
WHAT: Plays Famous at Home
WHEN: Sunday 21 October