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Centipede - Legging It

Author: 3D
Monday, 19 November 2007

They have many legs (well, four) and make beautiful electronic indie pop: they are Centipede, aka Sydney duo Tanith Sherman and Yaniv Finkelstein. 3D spoke with the female of the species, Tanith.

How did the two of you meet, and what are your respective musical backgrounds-

We first met as acquaintances at ages 13 and 14. Yaniv has always played the guitar. I was always a singer. And then I became a bass player. And then we began writing together in our first band Hummer (when we were a little older than 13 and 14!). Which was pretty rockin' sorta stuff. So we've been writing together a while.
 When you set out making music, what sort of sound were you going for- Hopefully the one we've achieved! Centipede was born as our musical tastes widened. We jumped into territory that we had no idea about, and we utilised that naivety. Using equipment in a way that it wasn't designed for is a lot of fun until you blow something up! Ultimately we go for the sound that's in our heads.

Your sound is a kind of beautiful/quirky pop with electronica and live instrumentation – who are some of your musical (or otherwise) touchstones and influences-
Thank you for saying so. It's like there's a Pixies sticker on my drum machine and a Boards of Canada sticker on my guitar- Ultimately it’s a sonic representation of our two personalities.

How does Centipede the duo differ from Centipede the live band-
Centipede the duo is Yaniv and myself. We write and play on all the recordings. We have three extraordinary extra band members live. Our drummer Geoff Mathews, who interprets all those electronic drums onto the kit, and Eliot Fish and Gill Cranny who share guitar, bass, keyboard and backing vocal duties. They make it look really easy too. We are so lucky to have such multitalented, awesome individuals to help us translate our songs for the live setting.
 You’re launching your first single Happy Hull Breech at the Hopetoun soon – is there a full album to come soon-
This is the first single from our second full length. The new album Blacklister is near completion and will be out...soon.

WHO: Centipede
WHAT: Launch their new single Happy Hull Breach at the Hopetoun
WHEN: Thursday 22 November