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Che'nelle - All Things Happen For Che'nelle

Author: Huwston
Thursday, 25 October 2007
It would be easy to write Che’nelle off as another Aussie pop starlet with more looks than talent like so many who have come and gone before her. Indeed, being discovered and signed off a MySpace page seems grounds alone for questioning. But, as 3D’s Huwston found out, she’s earned her props.

Don’t expect Che’nelle to shrug off her roots. “I’m heaps proud, coming from Malaysia, my dad is Chinese, my mum is Indian - so I grew up around lots of different influences. It all comes through in my music and my personality, what I believe in, my morals et cetera,” She says.

Having just released her debut album Things Happen For A Reason worldwide through Capitol Records the Perth girl also cannot deny her spirituality.

“I’m a very spiritual person, I’m also a Christian, I am very close to God in terms of spirituality but you know, with ‘Things Happen For A Reason’, it’s about staying positive and focusing on the things you want. I needed a title that captured the journey from me getting to my album. Like,’ she asks hypothetically, ‘why did I move to Australia- Why did I get in WAPA (Western Australia school for Performing Arts)- Why did my MySpace page come up- Why did I get a publishing deal- Things happen for a reason baby!’ Che’nelle giggles.

The singer, performer and producer was swept up quickly by Sir Charles Dixon, who came to Perth to meet the family - and when she received a call at three a.m. inviting her to the US, she thought it was just for an audition. “But when I got there they had the deal ready to present to me,” she laughs.

Asked if she prefers singing, producing or performing she finds it tough to answer as she learned it all during her tenure at WAPA. “I also hooked up with a lot of producers in Perth. I can’t choose (which one she prefers), they are all so different and I can’t live without any of them.”

“I began producing when I was songwriting. I started with a burnt copy of Fruity Loops and Reason and I bought a Triton ’cause I didn’t know anyone was going to do beats for me. For my second album I definitely want to get back in to production. I’ve been in the States for two years but didn’t bring my studio with me.’ She jokes ‘I can’t say to Rich Harrison, yo mate, I’ll call you back, I’m making this beat! Hahahaha…”

When pinned if she’s going to be responsible for a rhythmic revolution in Australia with her Dancehall-influenced single I Fell In Love With The DJ she remains positive but realistic.

“I hope so!” she says excitedly before immediately coming back to Earth. “It’s not about the genre, it’s about the song, so if you feel it, you feel it. A good song is a good song.”

WHO: Che’nelle
WHAT: Things Happen For A Reason through Capitol
WHEN: Out now