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Clandestien - Unleash The Venom

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 27 September 2007
The force is strong in this one.  3D’s Darryn King talks to Mortar, from politically savvy and venomous hip hop act Clandestien, about the teachings of Chomsky… and Yoda.

Clandestien was formed out of the infernal chaos of the universe… But, more specifically, how did you three guys get together-
Drinking and rapping at the Hyde Park Hotel pre-2000. This is where all things hip hop in Perth started. Graphic and Hawk were already doing shit together and I joined on the production tip.

You’ve moved on from the Double Beef label - was this for creative differences or some other reason-
Some other reason. We got on really well with Mass and KT but always wanted to set up our own label. So after Chasms we decided to pursue that objective starting with my second solo joint Sacred Geometry out 27 Oct with Shogun doing the distribution. Check out for it its fantastic.

Not many band websites have set reading lists but, on yours, you plug everyone from Michael Moore and Al Franken to Noam Chomsky and the Metaphysical Poets… Can you tell us a bit about your politics-

In short form, Graphic believes in freedom for all workers from the enslavement of the corporate machine, Thomahawk believes in George Lucas and I believe in the Reptilian Agenda.  

What do you think of music as a platform for telling people what you have to say - is it successful-
It is probably the best medium for it. If you stand on a corner shouting about how fucked the world is a few people will agree but most will think, ‘What the fuck is wrong with this idiot-’ If you put exactly the same sentiment into a kick ass song and a whole generation of people will follow you. It’s just not cool to stand on corners shouting at pedestrians. Making songs however is cool.

There’s a Chomsky quote on your website: “You aren’t supposed to learn that dedicated, committed effort can bring about significant changes of consciousness and understanding…” And are you hopeful or hopeless about this happening in our lifetime-

We are generally taught the wrong things as kids. We cant change the world, you’re just one person, the system is to big… We are taught our limitations. Bullshit. People need to open their eyes and start asking questions.
The truth is only the truth because you hold it to be true. If you are taught as a child that up is down you will accept it as a fact. Once you question the validity of said truth then change is inevitable. Your mindset has shifted. The accepted truth is put into question. It’s like Luke in the swamps of Dagoba. If you believe it cant be done before you try then you are destined to fail. If you believe the world is a bad place and can’t be changed, then it is and it won’t.

WHO: Clandestien
WHAT: Sacred Geometry out on Shogun
WHEN: Saturday 27 October