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Cold Cut - Motion Cuts

Author: Justin Levy
Wednesday, 5 December 2007
English dance duo Cold Cut are hitting Sydney this December, and cutter Matt Black serves up words with 3D’s Justin Levy about the tasty goodness that is hip hoppin’ electronica.

“I got into house music fairly early on, I loved it. I loved the sound. Such an exciting powerful sound – at an instant I knew it was going to be massive and popular,” Black says of his musical passion.

“And I still love house music, but I’m not into all the different genres of house music which people come up with. They get very narrow about whether it’s deep house, or progressive house, or garage or happy hardcore – to me it’s just the variety of house.”

Black is hoping for one happy house family, in which the sibling subgenres don’t squabble over technicalities. Hopefully he’ll find what he’s looking for when he carves up slices of hip hop at Art In Motion.

“I think it’s great to be in Sydney and I’ll have a great time,” he says. “It’s a very vibrant place and I have great memories of it. It’s unfortunate the trip has to be very quick, as the last time we had a while to hang out, and this time it’s just in and out.”

But this doesn’t mean their upcoming show, Returntablism, isn’t going to be any less special than what we’ve come to expect from the big name cutters.

“We’ve changed the show quite a bit since last year,” he reveals. “There’s quite a lot of Cold Cut material but it’s more hip hop, it’s more turntable controls and audiovisual tricks. This time we’re actually using turntables with vinyls, with scratching, and I don’t think there’s anyone else actually doing this kind of show, or anyone that’s interested in taking hip hop and using different instruments – it should be quite interesting.”

Black says he’s never been the greatest turntablist, but he’s always believed the turntable is a really “solid instrument” and he’s been pouring sweat and tears into the tables to sharpen up for the revival of his most prized DJ tool. For Cold Cut, touring is of the highest importance, because that is when you can show off your skills and gauge reactions.

“Playing live has become more and more important,” he says. “This year I’ve not done that much composition, but I’ve done about 35 shows. I love playing live, I love the buzz from it, and people really seem to be enthusiastic and I’m really into that our show is sufficiently different from anything people are doing. I’d love to keep doing it.”

WHO: Cold Cut
WHAT: Play Art In Motion at the Forum
WHEN: Thursday 6 December