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Cornerstone Roots - Forward Movement

Author: Angus Thompson
Thursday, 20 September 2007

The Cornerstone Roots are the self-described quiet underdogs of Kiwi Reggae. But, for quiet underdogs, they really aren’t that quiet. 3d’s Angus Thompson joins the soul revolution.

With Brian and Naomi’s son Reiki often joining the band on stage, Cornerstone Roots becomes a family affair. How does that intimacy affect the band-
Enhances the overall situation and keeps the band grounded. We are also quite proud of the fact that kids can come on tour. We have a nanny who’s also a schoolteacher so they get the best of both worlds. They are both musical, well adjusted and confident kids.

Reggae has a militantly political stance on the world stage. What is Cornerstone Roots shouting to the world-
Based on that premise my response is that there are many issues in the world that affect us personally or indirectly. Some important issues are either in people’s faces or they are swept under carpet. We kind of use music as the medium to get our messages across which, more often than not, deals with what affects us personally - such as environmental, cultural and humanitarian efforts.

How does it feel to bag kudos from Luciano, the world’s post-Marley figurehead of reggae / dancehall, for your second album Free Yourself-

Humbling. Luciano is a great artiste and a true pro, he’s a real genuine person with a good heart. You can hear it in his lyrics and hear it in his voice so to have him guest on our album is a great honour.

Your MySpace reads ‘Give thanks for LIFE, LOVE & MUSIC’. How does Cornerstone Roots come into this-
We have the opportunity to be creative in what we write, in how we express ourselves where we are the creators of our lives. LIFE is fulfilling. We are fortunate to be doing exactly what we LOVE doing at this time in our own lives. We are able to express our feelings and comment on issues that we feel passionate about with MUSIC as the chosen medium.

WHO: Cornerstone Roots
WHAT: Play The Factory
WHEN: Friday 28 September