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Curse Ov Dialect - Speaking The Dialect

Author: Darryn King
Sunday, 9 December 2007
According to themselves, if Curse Ov Dialect had a mission statement, it would be “hip hop for the advancement ofhumanity and surrealism”. 3D’s Darryn King keeps it surreal with Raceless.
There’s a pretty diverse combination of backgroundshere: Maltese, Macedonian, Indian, Maori, and Pakistani… How much does thisdiversity come through in your music-Our music is amelting pot of influences. Firstly we might put Indonesian gamelan, psychedelicrock and baroque classical within the same song.Also, growingup in the western suburbs of Melbourne with diverse backgrounds influenced usto take music from our cultural backgrounds into the context of hip hop. Likewalking down a suburban street and smelling all the foods floating from variouskitchens. How do you maintain your Australian identity, as agroup-Being one oftwo Australian hip hop acts with a US deal with Mushroom Records (the otherbeing Macromantics), we have been lucky enough to tour once to the US and Japan and twice to Europe.We completedour second European tour three weeks ago, where we played Eastern and Western Europe. So we represented Australian hip hopin a way which reflected our ethnic backgrounds in overseas countries, rappingabout world issues and racism.Most people in Europe tend to think about kangaroos, yobbosand BBQs but we showed them that Aussie hip hop could also use Macedonianbagpipes. which I think is an aspect of Oz hip hop that is ignored for the sakeof fashion and US perceptions of the archetype of hip hop. One of your reviewers said that Curse Ov Dialect isa reminder of “how much fun hip hop used to be in its late ’80s/early ’90sheyday”… Would you agree- What do you think of the hip hop scene at the moment,particularly in Australia-In the past hiphop artists used a lot of samples in their music and now that seems to becoming back to vogue in the underground at the moment… Also rapping aboutsubjects as diverse as Aboriginal genocide and cooking food from Italianvillages is a far cry from the clichés mostly used in today’s hip hop: wastingmassive time and beats to concentrate on ego rubbish.There are a lotof great hip hop artists coming out of Australia at the moment but to overstateissues of colonial BBQ hip hop without others frying up Bok Choi at the sametime would be telling only half the story.          A lot has been said about your tendency to dress upon stage… Can you confirm reports of periwigs and grass skirts- And is it justfor a bit of Village People-style fun or is there something more to it thanthat-It started offas an alternative to wearing Adidas tracksuits and it was a bit of a fun thing(and still is) but it turned out to be us representing our culture, wearingfolk costumes and so on. So we stuck with it us our music sounds psychedelic.Parliament and George Clinton did it with funk. We are doing it within hip hop. Finally, yours being a political group, do you haveany comment on last week’s election results- At the veryleast John Howard is out of there and time will tell if Rudd is a redneck ornot! WHO: Curse Ov DialectWHAT:WHEN:MORE: