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DJ Bonez - Chilled To The Bonez

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 13 September 2007
DJ Bonez’s new Roll Call album is being heaped with praise. 3D’s Darryn King talks to him about taking the next step.

What was it that made you make the initial transition to production all those years ago-
To be completely honest, just the curiosity of it all really - playing records and mixing tunes overall and just the love of music made me want to make my own and as a fan of it all really. It’s just the next logical step like with any profession - to me it was the next upgrade from DJ to producer.

One of the things that people have been saying about Role Call is that it is not 'over produced', or tailor-made for radio - do you know what they mean by this-

People in the media have been saying, “simplicity is the main feature of this release”.  When I hear something like that being said about a record it gives the impression that the production has no intros, outros, bridges, breakdowns, and so forth. This album has all that and much more than most releases actually. It even has scratches that form complex sentence formation and what not.
I think what people are trying to say is that the production overall is not in-your-face cause it’s pretty easy to take in.
When I started making my new record I had one thing and one thing in mind only: to create a record that doesn’t fit the typical hip hop stereotypes as you do hear on the radio today, but rather the style of hip hop I grew to love - with my twist. Obviously there are a few tracks on there that may be radio friendly to some, but compared to some of the stuff I hear getting cranked heavily on radio and on TV what is ‘radio friendly’ these days- 
In any case this is the most thought-out record I have ever put together that make my past releases sound simply ‘produced’.

The album has also been described as a mish-mash of genres (in a good way), but do you think there's something that could be called the 'DJ Bonez sound'-
Mish-mash of different hip hop styles, yes - but as for a ‘DJ Bonez style', no not really. There are so many styles of music I still would like to tackle due to my own curiosity. Once again I’m a lover of music in general, not just hip hop, and these days I think it’s really narrow-minded to just do one style of hip hop.

You have worked with a huge array and variety of people for this record - was any one in particular great to work with-
It was a pleasure to work with all artists on this record, but the most fun I did have was with Muph due to the fact the he lives in Melbourne and he came over to record the track at my house and we got drunk as hell. That was great, I had heaps of fun…
Finally, with the album in the can, what's next for you in 2007-
Touring and a lot more recording for the coming year. I wont be releasing any more releases this year due to the fact this is my second album for the year so I don’t want to over kill it… but more coming next year yes definitely.
WHO: DJ Bonez
WHAT: Roll Call out through Obese
WHEN: Out now