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DJ CXL - Not Just Semantics

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 4 October 2007
One third of Ill Semantics, New Zealand’s DJ CXL was this close (I’m holding my thumb very close to my forefinger) to supporting Destiny’s Child on their world tour… 3D’s Darryn King shares the Kleenex.

So, tell us about being invited to support Destiny’s Child… What happened-
It’s a long story, but I got a last minute call to do their Auckland support slot to a 13,000+ crowd which is definitely one of my highlights so far…
Every song I played was like the actual artist themselves were there performing. It was dope. The crowd all sang the tunes, then D Child’s dancers all came out on stage and did their thing.
It was a real buzz. As I was packing up, Beyonce’s mum came up to me and just asked if I’d like to go to London to do support for them - I was pretty shocked but stoked at the same time… Long story short: she asked for a card which I didn’t have, so she jus ended up writing it down on a piece of paper which she could easily have thought was rubbish or something later… and that’s pretty much how that story ends, sadly, ha ha.
The stage manager even approached me saying I was about to get ‘hooked up’ so yeah I’m pretty gutted about the outcome but it’s a good story…
And I still don’t have any business cards, ha ha…

As well as the DJ’s Cap, you also don the Producer’s Cap, particularly for your group Ill Semantics - when did you first try your hand at producing-
I started producing jus after The Hook Up Tour as I was pretty inspired by the whole buzz and got my hands on an MPC 2000XL. Ills had jus received word that we could do our follow up album Good Musik so I thought I could do it and started banging up some demo beats which resulted in 10 making it on the final cut - so I was stoked witH that and haven’t looked back since…
I’m currently working with artists such as Che Fu, Ladi6, Tha Feelstyle, Flowz and an artist in Japan by the name of Sarafina who’s gonna make some big moves over their for sure so I’m excited with that…

At the moment you’re trying crack the Japanese market - first, tell us about your impressions of Japan!

Well I haven’t cracked it yet but I’m making some good moves at the moment. I’ve been there three times so far in the last few months and have made a big mark but mostly in Yokohama. I’m currently producing a track for Marc Kroon who is a baseball superstar featuring Mareko and Big Ron who is also huge in Yokohama.
It’s gonna take some time to make an impression on the whole of Japan but when it does: look out! Some serious money to be made!

So how is the music scene there different to the one back in New Zealand-
Hip hop and reggae is so massive over there… So many people, clubs and events that there is no shortage of finding work or something to do. Just having my 2003 NZ DMC title has definitely made life easier as being a foreigner they seam to appreciate it more…
Back in New Zealand it’s still the same - nothing much changes there so I’m kinda over it. I’ve played all over the place and since going to Japan its opened my mind to a bigger and brighter picture… I don’t wanna end up DJing at my local pub for the rest of my life ’cause I ain’t getting any younger so I gotta make this happen now!

What’s next for Ill Semantics and DJ CXL-

For Ill Semantics we’ll jus keep doing our thing. We’re in the middle of putting our next video together and doing a colab with Sarafina and other Japanese artists. For me, Japan is what I’m working towards, that’s my goal for the next few years so keep an eye on this space, ha ha.

WHAT: Plays Peter Gunz mixtape launcg @ Eastside
WHEN: Friday 12 October