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DJ Dexter - Since I Left The Avalanches

Author: 3D
Friday, 19 October 2007
He made his name being crowned local DMC champ four times a well as being a member of the Avalanches. Next you’ll see DJ Dexter sharing the stage with none other than DJ Kentaro, so we thought we hit Dex up with some Qs.

Have you DJed with DJ Kentaro before-

No. I’ve seen him though. How many arms does he have- Apparently he’s got a six turntable set- Awesome.

Do DJ champions keep in touch with each other-
I don’t – not sure who does – you practise by yourself, compete by yourself, wear your DJ champion jacket by yourself.

How are your own productions coming along-
Brilliant. Grrilla Step is a 15 piece PNG log drumming and krump collab with myself producing and spinning. We are the best.

What do you think about battling these days after you’ve been there, done that-

Same as before – exciting to listen to the few that are pushing the boundaries like Rafik, Muzel and Caveman. Do us a favour and YouTube Caveman – Gameover.

What music are you feeling at the moment-
Krump music all day long – Blicc, Mook, Jtight, future hip hop beats from
Dabrye, Dilla, Madlib, Med, everything on Rush Hour Records especially the hip hop and techno by Aardvark, a few selected dubstep stuff, heaps of traditional world music stuff from Morocco to Japan, Detroit to Denpasar.

Do you still practice routines-
Yep… mostly with krump music and world music. Look out for the Grrilla Step project – we are light years and beyond.

WHO: DJ Dexter
WHAT: Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Saturday 3 November