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DJ Ras Tutu - Get On The Off-Beat

Author: Darryn King
Friday, 10 August 2007
DJ Ras Tutu dances to a different rhythm - Dancehall, the Reggae-infused craze that’s sweeping Sydney. 3D found out a little bit more about him.

When I was growing up I listened to a lot of… Reggae music: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear - I grew up with the sound and rhythm  in my blood.

The first album I purchased for myself was… Jimmy Cliff’s Harder they Come. One of the best reggae artists of all time. 

The first thing / instrument I started creating music on was… the Bongo Drum when I lived in Africa; and once I moved to Sydney I started DJing at the local reggae clubs. 10 years on and I’m still doing it.

My drink/poison of choice when out and about is… Kahlua and milk.

My ‘desert island’ three records would be… anything by Beenie Man, Shaggy, Sean Paul, Elephant Man.

My favourite musical phase was… 1999, when Buju Banton was in his prime.

I have instant respect when people mention the name… Bob Marley - big ups!

When not on stage or in the studio my favourite thing to do is… chill at Bondi Beach, to enjoy the beautiful sun and women.

The worst job I’ve ever had was… never. I have always had a good job - I love what I do…

I’d like to be remembered for… being the coolest, chilled out brutha. 

WHO: DJ Ras Tutu
WHAT: Redemption Reggae Dancehall
WHEN: Friday 17 August
WHERE: Club Africa @ Taylors on Central