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DJ Sir-Vere - Full Flava

Author: Maxine Cohen
Monday, 6 August 2007

3D's Maxine Cohen uncovers the secrets to NZ DJ Sir-Vere's success.
Walk down the street with New Zealand’s DJ Sir-Vere and you are exposed to just how popular and well-respected this man is. Experience a club set by him and he leaves no question unanswered as to his command of two turntables and a mixer, blending the freshest hip hop and R&B tracks that most DJ’s would be scared to touch. “Coming from where I am at, I think what I do is unique because it’s me. I’m not the most technical of DJs and I respect my turntablist peers, but I am that party DJ who would be just as happy dancing with you as I would be making you dance. Having fun, to me, is bottom line.”

With its Australian release this month, Major Flavours Vol 2 again proves to be a breath of fresh air in a mediocre mixtape market, given its stellar tracklisting which brings together the newest R&B and Hip Hop tracks from the US, New Zealand and Australia; exclusive shoutouts and remixes; samples and effortless cuts as only Sir-Vere can deliver. In addition to the tracklisting, Major Flavours also serves as a launch pad for some of NZ’s finest local talent and showcases both international artists and Australia’s urban elite.

“It may seem like a lot but I am blessed with excellent time management. I am very busy but everything is great and I’ve maintained in the game by being honest, reliable and on top of things. I feel privileged to do what I do”, says Sir-Vere, who is in Australia over the next few weeks for club sets in Sydney and Melbourne, to get a vibe for the crowds out here, and also gearing up for the release of Major Flavours Vol 2. “I’m proud of what Major Flavours has achieved to date. Most importantly, it has been a springboard for local artists to be introduced to the greater market, without shoving it down peoples throats – especially with the bonus disc that I do, which focuses on local talent, is a great way to get quality hip hop into peoples lives and I think that’s important”, says Sir-Vere.

With so many aspiring DJs on the rise, Sir-Vere shares his views on the pros and cons to DJ infamy. “People just need to be prompt and honest when it comes to the longevity of a good DJ,” he says. “Something else that a lot of DJs forget to do is to DJ for the love of it, put your heart and soul into your music and your sets, practice constantly and do it with a purpose and not only for money – that will follow when the grass roots are established, and lastly, have good business management skills and know how to run your business. I cannot stress this one hard enough and it’s one that I made sure I adhered to very early in the game!”

Sir-Vere and MC MZRE will be on tour throughout Australia from July through to August, putting on an electric showcase and touring with the likes of new hip hop sensation Young Sid and the UMA-nominated Neska, to promote not only Major Flavours Vol 2 but also New Zealand’s insatiable urban flavour!

WHO: DJ Sir-Vere
WHAT: Major Flavours Vol 2 / Plays Redroom
WHEN: Out now / Saturday 11 August