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DJ Tom - Tom's Cruise

Author: 3D
Friday, 28 September 2007
DJ Tom is part of the new breed of German electro and house currently overtaking the nation, and he’s as much at home in front of a crowd of thousands at gatecrasher as he is in an intimate club. 3D caught up with tom in the lead-up to his Oz trip.

You’re known for playing tech-trance, but you’ve also just mixed an electro house CD – what other genres do you dabble in-

I’m playing normally just electro/electro house and tech stuff together – including some real classic tunes. It’s a melodic electro-tech-house style...!

According to your bio, your “in-booth antics set (you) well apart from the shoegazers and trainspotters of the DJ circuit” – what sort of antics are we talking about here-
I think too many DJs forget that the dancing people are the most important thing – not the DJ – so I try always to be a part of them – and try to involve them into my performance. I love to play and people know this.

You just finished playing the Love Parade – what was it like this year-

LP moved from Berlin to Essen – that’s like from Sydney to Alice Springs! No, but Essen is not Berlin! It was great – especially the party I played, Audiopark was wicked.

Tell us a bit about your business Beatz Only…
I founded BO in the beginning of the new millennium. It was one of Germany’s leading trance Labels. BO works worldwide in music licensing, DJ bookings, promotions, producing. I’m working since 2004 for Germany’s biggest radio Station bigFM, and play for the station as well – so there is a lot to do.

You’ve produced a stack of one-off tracks – is there a debut artist album on the horizon-
Yeah mate, nearly 75 releases worldwide! My new single will come on Zooland Rec – leading German label famous for acts like Cascada/Spencer & Hill/Yanou and many more. It’s an electro house bomb. We are working on an album for 2008. There will be many, many DJs and famous producers together with me on the album, but it has to be something special – a journey into different sounds.

We know you like a spot of football, but what have you got planned for your downtime while you’re in Australia-

Aussie rugby league is off-season – you see I’m not only a football fan! It’s my 10th time down under, I love this country. You need no plans for Australia – every new day is an adventure....

And what have you got planned for your set at Audiolove-
Rock da fucking club!

WHAT: Plays Audiolove at the Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Saturday 3 November