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Dada Life - Who's Your Dada-

Author: Jane Stabler
Friday, 12 October 2007
Sweden. It conjures up images of unfathomably beautiful blondes, ice hotels and dance music fans going nuts. If the last example didn’t register on your European radar, it’s time you got acquainted with the Swedish sensation that is Dada Life. 3D’s Jane Stabler did.

Describing themselves as creators of “big tunes, no frills”, their debut record Big Time has provided this duo with a steady stream of hit releases that have received the approval of the likes of Serge Sentiago, Judge Jules and Eric Prydz. On the verge of their first Australian tour, Olle of Dada Life shared his excitement about coming down under.

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun,” he says. “We’ve got high expectations of Australia and I think it’s going to be a really good party country. From meeting a few Aussies I think they are crazy! Crazy in a good way!”

No strangers to a crazy crowd, Olle speaks fondly of his home-based fans.

“The craziest gig we’ve done is probably somewhere local in Sweden,” he says. “People there really go crazy. The biggest artists coming out of Sweden are rock artists – it’s not so much about dance music, so I think our music and fan base is more a global thing. But Swedish people like to party. We don’t play a lot in Sweden, so when we do play live, a lot of people show up for it. They’re crazy in a good way too!”

So with this being the first time in Oz for Dada Life, what can people expect from the shows down under-

“People cannot expect anything – it’s a different show every time,” he says. “Dada Life live is like pure speed, all the time.

“People who know our sound know sound-wise what will be coming from behind the live show, but we try to do a different show every time. We’ve been described as electro house, minimal/tech house and electro clash, and I think maybe one tune or another fits into one of those descriptions, but the idea or movement of Dada Life is to move forwards. People can’t expect anything. Maybe one or two descriptions might fit, but we’re going to bed with everything in music. We try to mix everything up, just have a lot of fun. It’s not about smart hip-ness or hip smartness, it’s just Dada Life trying to have a lot of fun on stage.

“Dada Life is like crashing into a wall and smiling at the same time. It’s about destroying everything that is safe.”

WHO: Dad Life
WHAT: Play Bravo Hotel, Wollongong / Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Friday 19 October / Saturday 20 October