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Dappled Cities Fly - Cities Without Flies

Author: Alexander Moore
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Dappled CitiesFly (or Dappled Cities, they can’tdecide which one it’s to be either) are on a roll – they’ve just come back froma successful U.S. Tour, they’ve got a third album on the way and the critics (Pitchforkincluded) are cooing over their delightful indie-art-rock. 3D spoke with bassplayer Alexander Moore. You've recently been touring around the USA(three laps of the country, in fact); was that a draining experience or thebest time of your lives-  Both. Drainingis certainly an understatement. We were getting to bed at 2 or 3am every night and getting up at 7 or 8am to drive another 10 hours to the nextvenue. Living on five or six hours sleep a night for an entire month isincredibly bizarre. We all turned into extras from Dawn of the Dead. BUT,luckily for us, it was also one of the most amazing things we have ever done.The shows were awesome, the US is amazing and, deep down inside, weactually enjoy each others company.  Any good stories to tell from the tour- Nah. Notreally. Had some laughs. Hung out with some Danish people. Is there a groundswell of hype building in theStates for Dappled Cities now- Getting great reviews from Pitchfork must havehelped. There isdefinitely some sweet groundswell going on for us there. We received a lot ofgreat reviews from both magazines and online media. It has definitely put us ina great place for our next record... What influenced your decision to record Granddance in LA- Our label. So you have 'eight brand new shiny songs' – doesthis mean a third album in the near future- It sure does.We actually have more than eight songs now. They are all pretty raw at themoment. We have completely finished one already and it is pretty awesome. Theothers are still in the "need to be worked on" area. But yes, we willhave a new record by September or October.  You dropped the Fly from Dappled Cities Fly on yoursecond album for cover-art reasons – will you be bringing back the Fly on yournext album or is it gone for good- Haven't reallydecided yet. I got pretty used to being fly-less in America. But who knows. Maybe we'll drop thecities. We hear you've recently been recording a cover of November Rain with Red Riders; doDappled Cities have a secret hair metal past we don't know about- I wish.Actually, no I don't.  You're playing the Purple Sneaker's NYE party in Sydney,are you looking forward to getting back and playing for a home crowd- Sure am.Especially on New Year’s Eve when everyone is half-cocked. So what's on the immediate agenda for 2008 forDappled Cities- A few showsthrough January and February. Then maybe to the US for a week or so in March. Then we aregoing to knuckle down and finish these songs. And then we are going to recordalbum number three in beautiful Sydney, Australia... WHO: Dappled CitiesWHAT: Play Purple Sneakers New Year’s Eve HouseParty at Manning HouseWHEN: Monday 31 DecemberMORE: /