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Datarock - The Norway...Way

Author: Rezo
Friday, 10 August 2007
Fredrik Saroea and Ketil Mosnes – the red tracksuit-adorned duo also known as Datarock – are at the top of their game; there is no doubt about it, and they’re having a blast to boot. 3D’s Rezo found out what all the fu-fu-fuss is about.

“Hi Ketil, nice to talk with you,” I declare. “Last time I spoke with your partner Fredrik and now it’s you.”

“Well, now you have spoken to 100 per cent of Datarock!” he replies.

Humor, clearly, is in their nature. Indeed, if you’ve seen their live show you know what I’m talking about. Ranting and raving aplenty, coupled with awesome and live electronic music – that’s the order of the day at a Datarock show. Since their last (and recent) foray to our shores, they have continued tinkering with their self-titled album, re-releasing it around the world on their Young Aspiring Professionals imprint.

“We’ve been touring it massively – I’m surprised at how the record is continuing to really break new ground,” he says. “There are a few new songs and that’s what’s playing at all of our shows.”

Speculating – with a typical level of humorous aplomb – he can’t even explain it.

“I don’t really know what we did right!” he says. “When we went into the studio and made the album, we were influenced by Manchester rock – things like Happy Mondays and Stone Roses. Also Talking Heads and dance music in general. We just wanted to make an honest and catchy pop record and apparently that’s what we did and it’s been going well. I think because we put a bit of humor into it, that helps.”

Truism- Maybe, but these two aren’t about calculating an outcome.

“We are completely spontaneous,” he continues. “By that I mean we don’t specifically sit down and think about what we want to do. It’s like Datarock’s tribute to Manchester rock. Especially since Fredrik has a massive obsession with Stone Roses and those types of groups, we wanted to release an EP with a rock influence. I don’t think that it means that the next record will be the same – it was something we did for fun and to give the audience a little treat. I believe because of all the massive touring we haven’t been able to spend as much time in the studio as we would have wanted. We are doing new songs but it’s hard to tell what the sound will be in the future. And we are listening to a lot of different stuff; but we have a common reference. All we do is to try to make music that is fun to dance to and that is honest pop music. It’s important to vary sound a bit because if you have the same sound on albums, there’s a danger you’ll be bored as a musician and so will your listener; so the fact we have this diverse taste is part of that.”

Of course the purpose of all this is that they will be back in Australia soon. The show will no doubt contain the same energy as what people expect.

“People assume when they hear the name Datarock that it’s a computer band; we’re not a computer band!” he exclaims. “We come on stage to make a party – the last time we played in Australia it was insane. People went crazy and we hope they do the same this time – it will differ of course because we will have different collaborators performing. I think it will be a four piece. It’s going to be good!”

Expect nothing less from the boys from Norway.

WHO: Datarock
WHAT: Play the Metro
WHEN: Thursday 6 September