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Dave54 - What You Waiting For-

Author: 3D
Monday, 26 November 2007
She resident Dave54 isworking this New Year’s Eve – and just be thankful he’s working behind thedecks, and not at his other job… 3D gets a serving.
What do you get up to when you’re not behind thedecks-
I recently just got ajob as a waiter at a restaurant in Mosman for four days a week and I’m stillDJing three-to-four nights a week. Outside my hours I socialise and sleep whenI can… and search for new music!You started out DJing at the RattleSnake Bar and Grill in Neutral Bay – I’ve walked past there a thousand timesbut never been in, what’s it actually like- And what did you play- SoulfulCountry-
Well it’s actually been knocked down and rebuilt and it’s no longer there but,in its day, the food was good, the people who worked there were wicked and theMargaritas rocked. Yeah I played after service and upstairs in the bar, juststraight house music and no country!
You’ve supported some big names in theworld of house, any particularly memorable experiences-
One of the best experiences was just recently when Ron Carroll was in town andwe got to warm up for him. The night was awesome! His set was trulyunbelievable and as good as his reputation.You’ve played a lot of places aroundtown, but which venue’s your favourite to play at the moment-
I’m loving the Argyle at the moment and its house music only policy – I loveit!
You’ve also got a music collectivecalled Shakedown, tell us a bit about that…
Shakedown is a soul funk party booty-shakin’ house sound system starring myselfon decks, Cam Douglas on drums, Mark Matthews on sax, Rob Edwards on vocals,Vicente Sebastian on congas/vocals and featuring Timmy Trumpet when we can gethim. Cam, myself and Timmy have been playingtogether for years, so we are a tight crew that can rock a dance floor.
Finally, what sort of sounds are at thetop of your record bag at the moment-
Real funky and chunky soulful house of course! Yew!
WHO: Dave54WHAT: Plays SHE NYE at the Loft, BroadwayWHEN: Monday 31 DecemberMORE: