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Deadmau5 - Mouse In The House

Author: 3D
Thursday, 6 September 2007
We have a tip for punters heading to Kink to see Deadmau5. Don’t offer him vodka – he prefers rum. 3D found this out and more.

You started off co-producing a radio program called “The Party Revolution” – how did that come about-
Wow, that was so long ago... As vague as this is going to sound, I went to a computer store to buy some computer bits and music software. I remember the owner took an interest in what I was doing. Turned out, in the back of the shop was his little studio for this radio show... One thing lead to another and there I was. Started out editing commercials/recording bits here and there...then onto sneaking some of my own bits on the show... It was so brief. Barely remember it myself.

When and how did you first put your hand to making your own tracks-

Probably when I was about 17/18, using some archaic DOS software for the PC called Impulse Trakker… Good times!

How do you think you finally got your big break-
I think it kinda started to launch when I moved to Toronto and worked with Chris Lake, who in turn directed me to his management, who then became my management as well. But even before that I was doing some things with a lot of other people worldwide... Audio software companies, music licensing companies and the like.

Your stuff has been picked up and played by the likes of Sasha, James Zabiela, Tiesto, Pete Tong… What was it like when you first heard this was happening-

Pretty f’n cool, I’d say. Getting all this attention all of a sudden hasn’t really sunken in yet I suppose... I have a pretty strange outlook on popularity or success. It just never really seems to sink in for me... I’m still dumbfounded that I even have “fans”.

You were once asked to contribute some of your stuff to The Smirnoff Experience CD, which was distributed with Smirnoff products – they sent you a pack of alcohol as a gift, I hope-
Actually, they didn’t! And it was the first cool thing I’ve ever done and I had to wait until October and go buy the booze, and get a free copy of my own shit. Ah well, maybe ill have better luck with Bacardi.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of artists and done a lot of work with a lot of different people – was any one experience particularly memorable-
Yeah, working with Steve Duda was the best. He’s so fucking easy to work with, plus there’s always good times out and about.

You’ve had a pretty busy year – what’ve you been up to and what are you working on at the moment-
Right now, it’s just a lil toury thing here and there and piles of remixes to do once I get back home to Toronto, but also planning on working on/releasing a full album... dun dun dunnnnn.

What’s left for 2007 and what’s in store beyond-
I think what’s left for 07 is the end pile of my remix duties... Moving forward I start putting more work into a full album of sorts, hopefully get that all worked out… as well as working more on my live sets.

In terms of your career, what’s the most exciting thing for you at the moment-
Probably the opportunity to remix or work with a lot of the people who have inspired me through the previous years, for sure.

WHO: Deadmau5
WHAT: Plays Kink at
WHEN: Saturday 15 September