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Dean Millson - The Deal And I

Author: The Cack
Friday, 17 August 2007
Dean Millson is coming up from Melbourne to get some kabooses loose. 3D’s The Cack went to the Dean’s office.

Do you remember when you realised you wanted to play music for people-
I don’t remember how it exactly happened, but I had a couple of close friends who knew how to mix records and I would always want to have a go myself. When I finally started collecting records (I say ‘finally’ as I was 25 which always seems a lot older than most DJs I know) part of searching for great music was the thought of sharing it with others when I found it. Originally this was with friends on the weekend when we’d come home after going out. I remember watching Lucien Foort DJ in mid-2001 and wondering what it would be like for that to be me up there playing so perhaps that’s when I started putting my mind to making it happen.

You spearheaded the creation of Private Function in Melbourne, which has had a good run for five years. Is there a secret behind putting on a successful night like that-
I think you need a combination of hard work and also luck to make a night successful. We were very lucky with Private Function at the beginning as we found a venue that we stayed at for over three years - which in ‘club years’ is almost a lifetime. I think the stability that a regular home gave us meant we could build the night in a much more successful way. I think a big part in the reason some nights fail or fade away has to do with the egos involved with them also, and therefore a successful night is as much about the synergy of the people involved in it as anything else. ‘Ego’ is a very dirty word when it comes to running a party in my opinion.

Nowadays you’re regularly doing the hardest of all shifts at Pretty Simple - the closing set. How is this set different to any other set of the night-
Being ‘brought up’ listening to Phil K play the closing set at Sunny each month, it’s actually a timeslot that’s always held some sort of reverence with me, hence the reason I enjoy doing it so much I think. It depends on the night a bit but you’ve really got to keep the floor moving generally.
In saying that however, Melbourne is lucky to have some pretty open-minded punters so they can also be up for something a little left-field also. Playing early in the morning probably involves reading the floor a little more than you might have to do earlier in the night which makes it a little more demanding. Post 4am is actually my favourite time to be in a club as it generally means that the people who are left are really there for the music as those who were there for the booze and the girls are generally long gone by that point.

What’ve you got in store for us at Loosekaboose-
I’ll be getting things as deep and rolling as possible, and I’ll be doing my best to keep things as loose as possible, it would only be right. I’m really looking forward to playing since both Stuart McKeown and Rollin Connection have both come back to Melbourne after playing at Loosekaboose and they couldn’t speak highly enough of the night.

WHO: Dean Millson
WHAT: Plays Loosekaboose at Flinders Bar
WHEN: Saturday 25 August