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Dirty Laundry - Spin Cycle

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Thursday, 2 August 2007
You may currently know Melbourne’s Dirty Laundry from their involvement with the last Pascha record (you know, the one with the suggestive imagery of sexy lips and cherries), but that’s soon to change when they drop their debut album. Daniel Crichton-Rouse found out a little more...

So, tell me about these releases that are coming up. It’s a single followed by an album I presume-
It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally getting close with the album. There have been a few major setbacks, especially with the departure of Seany B, which resulted in us having to scrap everything and start all over. But with Mat and Pete now firmly on board, we’ve been developing some great new material and the album is really starting to take form.

We’re very conscious of bands, especially in the dance genre, who have released singles that do well but then not have any follow up, or quickly throw together an album to capitalize on the singles’ success. We don’t want to be reactionary. It’s important that the album is in the bag before we release the first single.
We’ve got about seven tracks down so all things equal, we’re hoping to get a single out in time for summer, with an early 2008 album release, but that may change depending on the record company.

Can you tell us a bit about what sort of path you’re taking with the recordings- Is it what your fans will expect-
The album is going to have a very organic feel to it. All the tracks are being recorded with live instrumentation – drums, bass, guitars, percussion, keys, sax etc… For the album itself, we’re going for more of a pop sound, so not everything will necessarily be club friendly. Obviously there will be a lot of what people have come to expect from DL, but there will also be a few surprises. We’re really trying to come from a lot of different angles to show the diversity of the group, so the album will consist of everything from electro, funk and house to disco, hip hop and big beat.

How have you found working in the studio, for a full-length release-

It’s very different to the way we’d approach a project like the Pacha CD for example. With something like Pacha, most of the work is done by Dean and JJ before anyone else in the group gets involved. With the album though, it’s much more of a collaborative effort. It’s a lot more challenging and introspective working on a full-length original release, but the rewards are worth it.

What are some of the things/influences that drive you and your music-
Our fans are definitely our biggest motivators. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing and hearing from people who get enjoyment out of what we do. Sometimes the workload of touring and trying to complete an album can get the better of you, but its all worth it when you see all those smiling faces in the crowd or read some of the emails and comments people leave for us on the website and MySpace. 

OK, finally, describe a typical Dirty Laundry show…
It’s pretty much organised mayhem! A combination of DJs, MC, male and female vocalist, sax and percussion. Lot’s of hands in the air, non-stop action from start to finish. And there’s something for everyone; house, hip hop, funk, soul and even rock.

WHO: Dirty Laundry
WHAT: Plays Jam Artist Showcase
WHERE: Chinese Laundry, The Slip Inn
WHEN: Saturday 11 August