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Dougal - What's In A Name-

Author: 3D
Friday, 21 September 2007
British DJ Dougal is hitting up Australia this week for Prophecy. 3D caught up with the Extreme Sport fan.

Are you keen to take in some wakeboarding while you’re here in Australia- Wakeboarding, surfing, shark wrestling… bring it on!

What got you started in DJing- Who were your musical heroes in the beginning-
My dad was a DJ so had it in me from day one. I used to sleep under the decks while he played. Sasha was my hero when I was 15; he was the only DJ to play a hands-in-the-air set.

What is it about hardcore that has kept you loyal to the sound-
Hardcore is the most fun and interesting music there is. You can never get bored of it. The atmosphere at a rave can’t be touched by anything.

You’ve been DJing for quite some time now. Can you see yourself doing anything else-
Been DJing since I was 14 [and I’m at] the grand old age of 32 now so I can’t ever see me doing anything else. I love it too much.

Are you working on any productions at the moment-
Everyday I work in the studio with Gammer – we don’t ever stop. Just done a new album called True Hardcore that’s looking great. Storm Whizkid, Sy, Unknown, Supreme and Sunset are on it as well.

What about releases through your label Essential Platinum-
The Tunnel is the next release, we try to put something out every six weeks. Going amazing at the moment.

Is there anything you haven’t achieved in your career yet-

To have five naked girls in a hot tub.

So what do you have planned for your set at Prophecy-
I never know what I am going to do until the day. I like to talk to the ravers, get some feedback on what they would like to hear, then go from there.

WHO: DJ Dougal
WHAT: Plays Prophecy at Sydney Showground
WHEN: Saturday 6 October