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Duro - Durostyle

Author: 3D
Monday, 26 November 2007
Wordup, Sydney – Dutch hardstyle DJ Duro is hitting up Transmission thisDecember. 3D got on the blower to him.Howdoes Duro differ from Showtek in style- Would you say you play harder,higher-paced hardcore-It’s hard do describe, but I think it’s acrossover between hardstyle and hardcore. I like to start my set with some ofmy own hardstyle tracks and mix it with doable hardcore.Whowas the first to get started in DJing and producing – yourself or your brother-Have you always had fairly similar tastes musically-We bought our first turntables togetherback in 2000/2001 just to play the few vinyls we had. It was at the same timeour first track was released on 12 Inch so we also could play our own stuff. Mybrother was already in the studio when I was at school so he started mixingearlier. The first DJ gig we had I did not really know what to do, so I learnedit in the clubs. That one-way to learn it fast, I can tell you.Apartfrom hard dance and hardstyle, what other types of music do you like to listento-You really want to know- Haha. When I drivein my car back home from a gig and it’s seven o’clock in the morning, I don’twant to hear loud bass drums and stuff. I put my seat in the most comfortableposition and listen to jazz and other chill music…so I’m a little extreme.Tellus about your Dutch Master Works label. Got any releases slated for the future-Yeah. We’ve got lots of stuff including anew Duro track too. Lately we were a little busy with moving our studio so wedid not produce a lot since our album came out in April. The studio is justfinished so yeah, we had a bunch of ideas and some of them are alreadyfinished.You’vetoured the world and played a variety of gigs. What has been your mostmemorable set to date-Hard to tell. Every club we did was nice,but of course there were some very nice gigs. Example – we played in Tallinn,Estonia on a big rave with NO hardstyle line-up. We played after some techtrance DJs so we did not know what to expect, but when we started to playeverybody went crazy and the organisation had never seen this before. We alsowent to Sweden twice and we have no words for that…we were like movie starsover there, so that’s something we don’t see every week.Whoare some up and coming DJs you really think will make it big-There are some talented DJS like DutchMaster and NoiseControllers who will make it. But not all at the same time –that’s too much.WHO:Duro
WHAT: Plays Transmission at Sydney Olympic Park
WHEN: Saturday 8 December