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Dusty Kid - Little But Only Just

Author: Rezo
Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Where he got the name Dusty Little Kid I do not know. Nevertheless, he is little, he plays with toy pistols and to top it off writes some pretty cool music. We take a moment to chat with Paolo Lodde a.k.a Dusty Kid, the enfant prodige about what music means to him, why he loves good electronica and why on earth he idolises Richie Hawtin thinking he is ‘incredibly perfect’. This is a story that needs to be told and it’s getting told now. Read on.

Briefly, can you tell us what was it about music that appealed to you-
Since I was in the cradle there was music all around me. In fact, the first word I said wasn’t “mamma”, but “dico” (disco – record). My parents played really everything, from Dylan to the Beatles, from Mozart to Bela Bartok. At 7 I started loving Europe and Madonna and that changed into an obsession for classical music. At 15 I started going out to clubs and was charmed by electronic sounds. Since then my interest has travelled always on the same thought.

What have you been up to in the studio recently-

Besides working on several remixes I’m at the 65% stage of completing my album, which should come out late Spring next year. I’m travelling a lot too, so I’m not spending much time in the studio, but I think in January the album will be ready.

Your sound is very electro and funky – how would you describe it- What are your influences- 
I think I don’t have a defined sound that could be deccribed as techno, house, electro or other. I like to feel free and be driven by the mood I’m in that momnet. I can create something techno which sounds hard and obsessive or something else more melodic and pop. I don’t set limitations for myself under those aspects.

You have some big fans like Richie Hawtin! What does that mean to you-
I think my track “I live Richie” can answer that question by itself! It’s an honor to know that he plays my tracks. For me he’s an absolute master. All of his records are timeless, untouched by any fashionable contamination of a specific period. His tracks from the early ’90s are incredibly perfect!

What are your influences musically and otherwise-
My musical influences lie in the classical and 80’s and 90’s electronica. Right after the conservatory, my school has been the big beat movement. I hated anything that had the kick on four beats and that didn’t have any funk or rock influences. The I started loving electro and acid house of the early ‘90’s. In everyday life I listen to anything, I like psychedelic rock from the 60’s and ’70s - also American folk music. At the moment in my iPod I keep playing Midlake, a Texan band whose melodies and vocals bug me out!

Finally, what can we expect for the Australian tour – we look forward to seeing you! How will you be playing- Vinyl- Live- Tell us…
I will play live, It will be a mix of my old works and  new tracks I’m working on  for the album. I hope Australian’s like it and have fun with it… that way I will have fun too!