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Earthdance in Five

Author: 3D
Thursday, 6 September 2007

You’ve never been to Earthdance- You’ve been missing out, my friend. Come on, we’ll take you on a quick tour. Don’t worry, it’s not a massive hippy fest. Well…not entirely…

1: As you can probably tell from the name, Earthdance has its roots as a “celebration of peace and community.” The idea is that parties happen at the same time all around in the world (in more than 50 countries), where they all play the same song (the specially composed A Prayer For Peace) at the same time (in Sydney that happens at 9am, opening the festival – too early for most hung over punters) and everyone joins hands and meditates on bringing peace to the world and being good to one another and all that stuff.

2: More than that, though, it’s a chance to raise money through donation at the gate for charities such as the Oasis Youth Support Network, which “provides services to homeless youth across Sydney”, and Childwise, “an organisation that protects children from sexual abuse and exploitation.”

3: It’s also a chance for every funster in Sydney to come out of the woodwork and get lairy in the sun at five stages of music (you’ve got live bands, funk, hip hop, breaks, dnb, electro, tech, house, psytrance and pretty much anything else you’re in the mood for), food and clothing markets, an Eco Village, Kids Zone and bars.
4: So for a small donation you get the cream of quality (mostly) local talent, like Infusion, Rastawookie, Stick Figures, Isaac Tucker (Spectrum), Jamie Lloyd and Jimi Polar, Deepchild, Kato and Sleater Brockman, the Deep As Funk DJs, the Dust Tones DJs, Basskleph, Mark Walton, The Potbelleez, Ken Cloud and Simon Caldwell – like all Sydney’s best parties rolled into one.

5: Did we mention that it’s only a small donation to get in and they haven’t introduced big booze-barring fences like Newtown Festival yet- So yeah, ring your grandma and tell her she’ll have to wait until next weekend for Sunday roast. Or bring her along, whatevs.

WHAT: Earthdance Festival at Sydney Park, St Peters
WHEN: Sunday 16 September