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Edu K - Great Balls Of Funk

Author: Jane Stabler
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Ifyou say the name Edu K quickly, it sounds like ‘educate’, and in some ways that’s exactlywhat Edu K has done. With the vibe of the South American Baile Funk (‘funkball’), this Brazilian MC is introducing the rest of the world to a style ofmusic that Rio already knows is hot. Interview by JaneStabler. Famous for its incredibly energy, the typeof music that created the baile funk scene is made with no other purpose thanto party to, and revellers can always expect a workout as well as a good time.The artists don’t get off lightly either, and a crowd that so desperately wantsto party needs a performance that has as much energy as they do. Edu K’s loveof what he does means that he doesn’t find that expectation much of a problem atall.  “I think it comes really easy,” he revealsof his onstage enthusiasm. “The energy part of it really happens live. That’swhen you’re receiving back that energy. I make music for myself, for my ownsatisfaction, and that moment when everything comes together – there’s no wayto explain that, its super powerful. But, of course, there’s not much to talkabout, it’s party music. The purpose of it, where it really happens is on thestage, and on the dancefloor.” Edu K’s floor-filling style has been likenedto Miami bass mashed with rap, electro, funk and pop and has been referred toas rude, dirty and raunchy. Whilst the MC acknowledges that his style of musiccan get pretty heavy, he prefers to think of it as having sex appeal ratherthan being plain old dirty. “It’s definitely raw,” he considers of hisstyle, “especially with me coming from a raw background. It’s more heavy, alittle bit, but my lyrics are not that dirty. The music is definitely sexy andthere’s a lot of sex driving it with the drums and the beats and people reallyfeel that when they’re dancing, but it’s not too dirty. [It’s more about] thesexiness of my music.” Sex appeal is definitely one thing Brazilis famous for, both musically and within its physical population, so it makessense that Edu K’s music follows suit. With so many international artistsappearing to be emulating American music even down to the accent, it’srefreshing to see an international act with a sound so true to its origins.Although Edu K agrees his music displays the influence of his homeland,sticking to his roots isn’t something he deliberately sets out to do.  “Actually, that’s not my focus,” he says ofthe suggestion. “I just do what sounds fun to me and when it comes to thelyrics, it’s fun to sing in Portuguese too. It’s the kind of music that breaksall those barriers and I’m playing all round the world and it doesn’t matterthat I’m singing in Portuguese, people still get it. For me I really like todeal with the music, it’s a language that everyone can understand.” WHO: Edu K
WHAT: Plays
Oxford Art Factory
WHEN: Saturday 15 December