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Endorphin - Sydney Song Summit

Author: 3D
Monday, 5 November 2007
In April, the inaugural Sydney Song Summit descends upon Moore Park with a host of industry personalities coming together for a host of events regarding music. One confirmed guest is local electronic music maestro Endorphin, so we asked him to give 3D readers some info on the event.

You’ll be one of the presenters at the Sydney Song Summit (S3) – tell us a little bit about it…
S3 is a unique event in that it will be focused completely on the art and science of songwriting and music composition. Most the conference programme and the workshops have been planned with that focus in mind. People who attend S3 will have the chance to learn more about the creative work of songwriting from leading composers and songwriters who have honed their craft and have earned a reputation for being good at it. There’ll also be a focus on the business side of things looking at the developments in technology and in publishing and exploring the growth opportunities in domestic and international music markets.

What topic/s will you be presenting on-
I’ll be on a song-listening panel, critiquing music that is submitted by songwriters who attend the event. In addition, I’ll be presenting at a genre-specific career development workshop where I’ll talk about writing for the electronic music genre. I’m also hoping to draw on my own experiences as a published writer with a major label and my more recent decision to go independent – it’s a chance to share some of what I’ve learned about finding your own pathway in this very complex and competitive business.

Will you be hosting a booth at the Summit where we can come up and ask you questions-
I won’t be hosting a booth – there’ll be opportunities for questions during the various workshops that have been planned for the event.

However, that said, the exhibition that goes with the conference will provide plenty of fertile ground for songwriters generally. Exhibitors from all aspects of the industry will be present, so you can explore more about making music, recording, distribution, performing, education, the live music scene and so on. Best to keep an eye on the website for updates on exhibitors and speakers.

WHAT: Sydney Song Summit
WHERE: Hordern Pavilion/Royal Hall of Industries Moore Park
WHEN: 3-5 April 2008. Registration for the event opens 5 November