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Ewan Pearson - Pearsed Ears

Author: Rezo
Friday, 28 September 2007
What began as an accident for the famed producer / DJ / remixer / legend Ewan Pearson has transpired into one of the most successful musical careers in recent memory, as 3D’s Rezo learnt.

“I suppose it’s kind of the same for a lot of people – but a lot of this has been quite a big happy accident really!” he admits. “Sure, it’s been part of my family’s life for the longest time because my dad played a guitar and I was always into music as a hobby. My mum is a music freak as well and that was part and parcel of my life growing up, however I never necessarily thought I would, in all likelihood, make a living from music.”

Indeed, the young Pearson played in bands and took lessons and the like, but his most profound moment was the onset of acid house. It was at that time that he started experimenting with music. What started out as a diversion has led to him being one of the hottest and most in demand producers and remixers out there. But it wasn’t supposed to be like this…

“I was actually going to be an academic!” he says. “I did an English literature degree and I started doing a PhD but it was music that gradually took control. I released a single for a label in the Midlands where I come from and then I did more college and then another single and some more college and then an album and then built up some momentum and then I got to about 26 and decided to try doing music full time.

“So I spent the next five years living from hand to mouth thinking what on earth had I done-! A lot of my friends had proper jobs and I was literally scraping by. It ended up being stubborn persistence really – and from a producer’s point of view it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a living from record sales with the onset of digital downloads – so to be here, doing what I’m doing, makes me extremely lucky.”

His most recent release (along with the topic of our conversation) is his new album Piece Work, out through Berlin’s !K7. It features 21 tracks across two CDs that encapsulate his tireless efforts over the last six years.

“I think the majority of what I’ve been doing around producing and remixing has brought me to this point,” he says. “The remix is really nothing more than a weird art form so for me, this was just an opportunity to gather what I was most proud of and collate it into a mix CD.”

Featuring a diverse collection of music from Futureshock, Royksopp, Moby, Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode, the album follows no formula; it merely highlights an artist’s ability to adapt and complete a project.

“There are many facets of the job I do,” Pearson says. “At the end of the day, I’m basically just an enthusiast. I like finding stuff and presenting it a new way – whether it’s being the DJ or helping others make their records better, it’s about finding the new stuff and bringing it to more people. But I won’t impose a Ewan Pearson aesthetic unless artists really have a specific idea of what they want; I’m merely the sounding board – I bounce ideas around. I want to bring out the essence of the weird art form that we call music and remixing and this album has been the opportunity to do that.

“I’ve made somewhat of an anthology of the last six years of my work. I’ve pulled together the stuff I’m most proud and that is a really satisfying thing.”

WHO: Ewan Pearson
WHAT: Piece Work through !K7/Inertia
WHEN: Out now