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Flow Dynamics - Go With The Flow

Author: 3D
Friday, 17 August 2007
Dave Mckinney does it all. He's a genre-bending, multi-instrumentalist, DJ… scientist- Taking time off from working on his Flow Dynamics project, Mckinney told 3D some of the tricks of his trades…

Pardon the stereotypical question, but how would you describe the Flow Dynamics sound-
Flow Dynamics is my beats, breaks, funk, hip hop kinda project. With the Flow Dynamics tunes, I just wanted to make some music for the dancefloor - a feel-good record - a record that might lift people's spirits or be good for getting down. It's not a political record - it's a fun sound for fun people. I also have another project called Soul Harmonics which is my soulful house and nujazz outfit - I have a full album coming out under that name soon.

I generally spend a lot of time in the studio, making tunes, and having a lot of fun. I like working with different artists doing collaborations and writing songs for different singers. I tend to play a lot of the instruments myself as much as possible (bass, drums, keys, etc.) and if my playing sounds really crap then I'll enlist the help of my music friends to bring their goodness to the mix! I've got my own studio at home, so I record everything live and then chop it up and muck around. I love the combination of live instruments chopped up and processed in the studio. And now I'm also getting right into taking and using that stuff out on the road.

Your album has been out for six months now, are you happy with the feedback you're getting- How do you feel about the record now that it's out in the public-

It has been really great actually. Feedback has been so positive. And it is always nice to have people come up at a gig or hit you up on MySpace to say they love the tunes - it helps me to stay inspired and makes me wanna write more more more.

Are you working on any new material or remixes at the moment-

Lots and lots of new stuff coming out soon. Some of which you will be hearing in my DJ set. The next release coming out is called Bossa for Bebo - out next month on Freestyle Records. Brasilian bizness - getting back to my roots.

You've done a fair bit of international travelling - any good dinner party anecdotes from overseas tours-
There was that nude dinner party in Tokyo with the yakuza and many foxy girls and guys having a mad party…

You've also got some interesting side projects, such as a marine biology consultancy company, of all things! Tell us a bit about that…
Back in 1992 I was at uni studying science, and I had nothing to do with making music at all. However, I then went and lived in Brasil for a year, and after a year over there, in such an incredibly musical place, the music bug bit me for life. I got back home to Australia with a pile of Brasilian vinyl in my suitcase and went back to uni to finish my science degree.
However, halfway through that it really hit home that music was what I wanted to do with my life. I started playing drums, and playing percussion in a traditional Brasilian percussion group with a bunch of Brasilians, and got into capoeira and all that. Then I started playing in different bands and started listening to a lot of funk and soul.
From there it was DJing around the place and playing live electronic gigs around Australia as Rhibosome. After that, it was onto my current Flow Dynamics and Soul Harmonics projects. So music is really a major part of my life these days, but I still have that passion for science and I do still work as a scientist to pay the bills. I mainly do coral taxonomy / marine biodiversity surveys, which is basically swimming around underwater with a scuba tank on, identifying coral species.
That balance between science and music is really great for me. It keeps me inspired to make music and also to do more science. They are such opposite disciplines - music is so much about feel for me, whereas science is a strict discipline based on logic and scientific proof. They are so different but I can't help myself - I just love to do both.

Finally, can you describe a typical Flow Dynamics show-
I'm doing a special live mash-up DJ set of funk, soul, hip hop, latin, disco, beats, and breaks. I could have just done a normal DJ set, but I wanted to make it more exciting for myself, and in  the process of doing that, it has turned into this full live mash-up thing. I'm using a combination of Serato, Ableton Live, and a bunch of MIDI Controllers to create a funky live DJ set for the dancefloor, that is also very complex technically and should satisfy the technomological geeks! You can expect to hear lots of exclusive edits, live remixes, old school funk and disco mash-up madness with some Flow Dynamics favourites, lots of reworked old classics, and some of the latest tunes from around the globe. Funk party stylin'!

WHO: Flow Dynamics
WHAT: Plays Dust Tones at Bar Broadway
WHEN: Friday 24 August