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Fowl Play - Who You Callin' Chicken-

Author: Darryn King
Thursday, 20 September 2007

 The Goose, Miss S, The Crazy Brazilian and Kid MC (collectively known as Fowl Play) are up there with Sydney’s most popular DJs. 3D caught up with the female quarter.
Fowl Play brings the best of many worlds together – how did you come together in the first place-
It was a weird twist of fate how Jeremy [The Goose] and I met. We both didn’t know that he’d already been to one of my jazz gigs when we met at a house party (he was doing a set and had been told I was a singer). He gave me his business card and we ended up catching up – I then realised how energetic and motivated we both were about getting a new group off the ground and we had some great ideas. We workshopped different tracks together and then I spent a few months just rehearsing on my own, trying to work out what I’d do on stage! It was a big change (but a good one) from the jazz scene I’d been used to. A couple of months before our first gig, Jeremy was introduced to KID MC and the rest is history!

Musically you all contribute something to the act – do you ever have any ‘creative differences’- If so, how do you resolve them- And who’s the real leader of the outfit-
I generally take Jeremy’s lead on what songs we play. As this scene was pretty new to me, I’ve been happy to take the boys’ advice on what works in the clubs. But now I’m a bit more vocal about the sets! Jeremy’s happy to take feedback from Kid and I about what worked on stage… or what is best vocally... At the end of the day we all want to put on the best show.  

Speaking of outfits, a couple of times this year you’ve had fashion shows preceding Fowl Play sets – did you have time to check out the show-

I’ve managed our last few fashion shows so I’m generally backstage with the designers and models making sure everything runs smoothly and helping them get on stage. I love seeing the crowd go wild when the parade starts – the place goes off!

You guys were voted the number one house up’n’comers in Sydney – where do you go from here-
People can’t believe we’ve only been doing this since February. In that time we have headlined, been invited as special guests and performed at some of Sydney’s best dance clubs. {From here it’s] more headline acts, more hot venues, remix releases to those tracks which Fowl Play fans love, major festivals – and in between all that I’m also starting to write with a variety of DJs which I’m loving.

WHO: Fowl Play
WHAT: Play Adults Only at Mandalay Room
WHEN: Sunday 30 September