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Funkola - A Funky Scent

Author: 3D
Friday, 10 August 2007
Perth hip hop crew Funkola have finally dropped their debut self-titled LP. With Sydney shows planned for October, you’ve got plenty of time to get to know their tunes. 3D caught up with guitarist Bretskii.

So what’s the WA hip hop scene like-
I must say that the Perth hip hop scene is in the doldrums a bit, when we started out (2004) there was a vibrant live scene with plenty of underground gigs and happenings. There are still some new crews about doing their thing, but we have had some regular nights shut down due to venues being bombed and fights, and does have an effect on new talent coming through. It’s the Wild West over here!

What was it like working with Optamus- What did he bring to your record-
It’s been great, the guy has the patience of a saint to put up with us kooks! We have been good mates with Scotty [Optamus] for a while now and it was fun. We first started out as a live hip hop act with myself on drums and a bass/keys player. When our bass player left we decided that we wanted to do a more traditional hip hop album in the sense of samples and beats etc. Scotty was totally up for the job and was perfect, as he knew the songs in their live format. He brought a lot of creativity to the production with some songs having a bass line, guitar riff or beat the same as the old format. Other songs we totally reinterpreted.

Can you tell us a little about the song Funk Vapours-
Funk Vapours is a very Funkola song. Ski, MJ and myself used to be storemen at an agriculture supplies warehouse and we were always loading and unloading these hardcore chemicals. We always explained how we got to be so in tune with “tha funk” was [through] a process of chemical mutation, hip hop and nasty industrial chemicals brought about a glitch in the matrix. The song explains how everyday situations can be affected by these unexplainable powers!

WHO: Funkola
WHAT: Self-titled LP through Opt Shop/Shogun
WHEN: Out now