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Girl Talk - Talkin' Chemistry

Author: 3D
Sunday, 9 December 2007
Girl Talk is not just about shoes and make-up. It’s also sweet, sweet hip hop/RnB/popmash-ups. And now you can hear the boy (or is that girl-) Wonder in the flesh.Nice, tight pink flesh. 3D feels a little funny downstairs right about now. Asyou were… You’replaying Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Barcelona (etcetera) and then comingto Australia all in December – how do you cope with such a punishing tourschedule-I listen to as many slow jams as possible.I just sit back and relax, think about the past. Then I sip on someGatorade-type drinks. WhenPitchfork interviewed you last year you were still hiding your life as amash-up superstar from your colleagues at your bio-medical engineering day job– are you still leading a secret double life- How did you explain awaydisappearing on a two month tour-I quit the day job in June. I’m free now. Istopped shaving and typically waking up in the middle of the afternoon. I nevertold my co-workers about my other world. When I quit, I told them that I wantedto take advantage of my youth and explore the world, which really isn’t a lie.I just left out the big chunk about playing shows and partying for a living. Whenyou play live, do you generally mash-up tracks live or DJ the bootlegs fromyour albums-It’s all live sample-manipulation. I don’tever cue up a song and allow it to play out. I try to keep everything asisolated as possible, so I have control over individual kick drums, hand claps,melodies, vocals, and so on. Every time there’s any change in the music, it’sactually me clicking and switching up samples. I’ve never considered it DJingin the traditional sense because of that approach. Tellus how you go about constructing your tracks – is it endless late nights poringover your laptop, piecing together sound bites in ProTools-Yeah, pretty much, except I don’t useProTools. I’m constantly sampling and cataloguing small portions from songs.Then, I spend a bunch of time trying out different combinations of thismaterial. I make small changes in my live set every week. After a year oftrying out new material, I have a good idea of what I want to lay down onto analbum. Youused to be quite the exhibitionist – do you still take your clothes off onstage, or was that more of an initial personal selling thing-In general, I take off my clothes under afew circumstances: 1) If I’m hot, 2) If other people are really going for it,or 3) If people are standing around and watching me. I used to do it all of thetime because every show was a bunch of people standing with their arms foldedstaring at me. It was my standard for pushing a house party style in non-houseparty situations. Within the past year, most of my shows have been crazy enoughwhere I haven’t felt the pressure to visually entertain as much. But I still doget exhausted at most shows; so one thing leads to another. Areyou naked right now-The only thing I’m wearing is an unbuttonedflannel. I’m also eating yogurt, kind of as an accessory to my outfit. WHO: Girl Talk
WHAT: Plays Field Day at the Domain / Beck’s Bar, Sydney Festival
WHEN: Tuesday 1 January / Thursday 10 January