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Giuseppe Ottaviani - Italian Trance Stallion

Author: 3D
Friday, 14 December 2007
Italian trance producer/DJ Giuseppe Ottaviani is hitting space nightclub for a little NYE celebration, Sydney-style. It's been long enough since he was last here so 3D thought it was time for a catch-up.

You started releasing records through Paul van Dyk's Vandit label. Not a bad beginning! How did the label hear about you-
Dreamland was the start of it all. Due to this track I got into contact with Vandit.
Dreamland was first released on a very small Roman label, getting a good response, but then when Paul included it on his The Politics of Dancing 1, Dreamland became a big success. It was definitely my starting point as a professional musician and producer.

This year saw you collaborate with van Dyk on two tracks, La Dolce Vita and Far Away - what was it like working with him-
First of all I have to admit that it was my biggest and most important collaboration ever and it was the goal, which I was always waiting for. Even though it is never easy to put different ideas and point of views into a single track, we found a good way to blend our ideas together and I have to say it was very nice, so nice that after the first one (La Dolce Vita) we decided to have a second one (Far Away). I feel really proud and very lucky for the chance I had to collaborate with him.

Have you got any more remixes coming out with your NU NRG project-

No more productions/remixes with Nu Nrg project unfortunately.

Like many DJs, you started out in music by playing an instrument (the piano in your case). What was it that attracted you to electronic music and trance specifically-
Some friends of mine, who gave me some CDs, have introduced me to electronic music. I really liked techno music at the beginning but something was missing for me…actually melody was missing. I came from classical music and naturally I love melodies. I wanted to blend melody with electronic and techno stuff and right after I recognised that trance is the kind of music that I was looking for.

You're playing NYE in Sydney. You must be pretty pumped! What have you got planned for your time-off here, and what can we expect from your set-
I'm always really excited when I have to play in Australia, especially this time because it's NYE. I'll bring there all my music with many new tracks/remixes. Moreover, as I'm working on my new own track right now, I'm planning to play it there and show it to the crowd for the very first time! Besides that fortunately this time I will have some free days to walk around and see your beautiful city.

WHO: Giuseppe Ottaviani
WHAT: Playing Tranceport NYE at Space
WHEN: Monday 31 December