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Goa Gill - Goan Strong For 30 Years

Author: 3D
Sunday, 9 December 2007
For psy-trance fans, there’s only one name thatcomes to mind when you’re talking legends, and that’s Goa Gil. A pioneer of the Goan scene all those years back, he’s coming out tograce us with a 24-hour set – but not before he answers a few questions from 3D. How does oneself prepare for a 24-hour set-By aone-pointed focus on what I do. I prepare myself all day before the party –packing my gear; listening to the latest music I have recorded; psyching myselfup and getting into a one-pointed state of mind! You would run through your entire music catalogue,right-Most of themusic I play is very recent; the oldest tracks are generally not more thanone-year-old, but I try to play all of my favourite tracks from this year –
it is my ‘this year collection’. You have described dancing as “active meditation”.What do you mean by
this, exactly-
Dance is activemeditation. When we dance we go beyond thought, beyond mind, to become one inthe divine ecstasy of union with the Cosmic Spirit!
This is the essence of the trance dance experience. You started out in the San Franciscan music scene.What inspired the
relocation to
My grandfather’s photos as I was growing up. Then getting a copy of theBhagavad Gita for Christmas 1968, among other things... Can you tell us a little about your GoaFull Moon parties-Well they weregreat when they happened in the ’70s, ’80s, and some of the ’90s
but since the millennium the scene in Goa has changed and discos took over,
and the parties as the used to be are a thing of the past, sadly. They used tobe more like a gathering of the tribes than a rave – that is the big differenceabout the vibe between real Goa-style parties and raves (which is a word we donot like to be associated with!) What production projects are you working oncurrently-We are workingwith Ariane on some new Nommos material with hopes for a new album sometimedown the line, but things are going slowly due to all of the travelling. AlsoAriane is slowly at work on a new Nimba album as well. Finally, what are you looking forward to the mostabout your trip to Australia-I oncetravelled all across Australia in 1973, and I have not been theresince then, so I look most forward to meeting some old friends there, and alsoto share the Goa vibe with my new friends and fansthere. See you soon, om shanti! WHO: GoaGil
WHAT: Plays 24-hour set in the
Southern Highlands,NSW
WHEN: Saturday 15 December