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Goodbyemotel - So Long, Saggy Mattresses

Author: 3D
Friday, 19 October 2007
Scott Pioro and Tom Marks of Melbournian movers and shakers Goodbyemotel tell 3D how they plan for their take on Brit pop to take them from playing country pubs in Victoria to hanging with Kate Moss in London.

Tell us a bit about the musical backgrounds of your various members…

In our musical troop we have singers, drummers, guitar players and keyboard players with varied musical backgrounds; some of us fled from a travelling circus and others were buskers who decided to make even less money in a rock band.
Singer/guitarist Damian Capicchiano, guitarist Scott Pioro and drummer Chris Wheatley have all been playing together in various bands for quite a few years now. We actually met Tom “Leroy” Marks who plays the bass and David “Buffalo Soldier” Schmidt on keys at a pub in rural Victoria. Our bands were sharing a bill and we all hit it off! Musically we were all on the same wavelength and thought it best we start belting out tunes together ASAP.

Your press release mentions touchstones of ‘Northern Soul era Verve’ and Death Cab For Cutie, but who or what else would you describe as influences on your sound-

We like to say that if Elbow, The Frames, Foo Fighters and Sigur Ros had a love child, it would be us!

How did you get a 51-piece orchestra to play on End.Play-
We managed to get conductor Ben Northey, who has done work with the Hilltop Hoods and The Whitlams, to arrange a piece for the closing track on the EP by getting a friend to pass on a demo to him which, thankfully, he really loved. We took the song demo down to this studio where Ben had an orchestra set up, as they had been doing another recording. We came in at the end of their session and Ben ran through the demo twice with the orchestra, which was an amazing sight, we could hardly believe it was happening. We recorded it and then we left to return to our own studio with a track featuring a 51-piece orchestra in full flight with one of our songs. That was a great moment. Thanks Ben!

What are you planning next, once you’ve launched End.Play-
Following the tour for the EP, we plan to start recording an album. We can’t wait to get it done because this E.P project started about a year ago now and we are constantly writing songs. We have about 30 songs to choose from at the moment but we also want to write some new ones in the studio, on the spot, to see where things go. We hope to have it out by early next year. There are already signs of the album in our current live set. We also plan to do some international touring as well. We want to eat hot dogs in London with Kate Moss.

WHO: goodbyemotel
WHAT: End.Play EP out through Nice Bike/Amphead / Play Phoenix Bar in Canberra / MUM at World Bar, Sydney
WHEN: out now / Wednesday 24 / Friday 26 October