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Grafton Primary - Relatively Speaking

Author: Daniel Crichton-Rouse
Thursday, 4 October 2007
Grafton Primary are Ben and Josh Garden, and they grew up in Grafton, hence the name. They like mixing new school sounds with the old school sounds – hence the name. 3D’s Daniel Crichton-Rouse discussed the theories of relativity with Ben, hence the name of their EP. Well OK, that may be stretching it…

You’re working on your debut album… how is it coming along- Can you tell us a little about it-

It’s been a long work in progress, we have written around 30 – 40 tracks in the last few years and it will be a combination of some of those and a few others that we are yet to start. By the time it comes out there will probably be some tracks that were originally written four years ago. Being the perfectionists that we are, it’s going to be tough to make the call on what tunes make the grade and which ones never see the light of day.

How did you two hook up-
We’re brothers so it was not that much of a stretch to hang out and start working on some tunes a while back. Initially it was just as a part-time thing whenever Josh could make it up from Melbourne but now that he lives near Sydney we’ve stepped things up a notch with both the writing and performing.

You are pretty new as a production duo. What about on the DJing side of things – did you guys gel instantly in that department-
Here’s the thing, we both have been producing tracks for quite a while! Just not as Grafton Primary. In my case, over 10 years, including quite a bit of house programming and production that spawned a top five UK pop chart single. We both come from a musical production and performance side of things and we haven’t felt the need to actually develop our DJing talents at all, preferring to write and perform tunes live (as live as an electronic-based act can be) instead. However this could change in the future as we start doing a few more remixes and club-edged tracks (we are just finishing a remix for Faker for EMI).

What’s the main difference between your solo work and GP-
The main difference is my brother! I normally concentrate on the writing and production side of things in the studio so quite obviously depending on which vocalist/writer I was to work with the tracks could turn out vastly different. It’s hard to find a vocalist with good lyric/vocal ability to work with and it’s even sweeter when it’s right under your nose!

Has the inclusion of your track Relativity on the new Ministry of Sound Electro House Sessions boosted the profile of Grafton Primary at all-

Absolutely! Having the Tommy Trash remix on the MOS compilation and DJ play in the more mainstream clubs has allowed us to be exposed to a slightly different market than we would have otherwise been. We’ve had quite a few props from some of the fluro kiddies!

WHO: Grafton Primary
WHAT: Relativity through Sonic Construction/Resolution/MGM
WHEN: Out now