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Greenskeepers - Keepin' It Green

Author: The Hack
Friday, 21 September 2007
Chicago isn’t all about house when it comes to dance music as Greenskeepers will atest. 3D’s The Hack caught up with DJ James Curd on the eve of their trip to play Parklife.

What’s been happening at Camp Greenskeepers since Polo Club came out late last year-
We have been re-vamping the live show and doing heaps of shows. We have also been doing a bunch of remixes for other artist and releasing 12 Inches on my label GKM, Aroma, and Om. I have also gotten re-inspired and have been making bouncy, jazzy house songs again.

Last time 3D spoke to you guys, you said the band was still quite underground, and “if you know about Greenskeepers, then you're more of a music digger” – do you think your profile has grown much in the last year-
I think there may be more people over all who enjoy Greenskeepers but I would still categorise them as music diggers and people who go out to see interesting off-the-wall shows and festivals.

What’s your current live line-up, and how do your recorded tunes translate to a live show-
We have Nick on vocals, Mark on keys and guitar, Mike Steve on bass and I DJ the whole set. Some of the music off of our albums and records translate directly to the stage while others get a live remix that is more for the dancefloor.

Are you working on a follow-up to Polo Club currently-
We are slowly getting ideas together and pulling them into the next album folder. We want to get a bunch of songs together so we have more then enough to choose from and then perfect the best ones.

Polo Club was, according to you, a recently rediscovered collaborative project by Devo, Japan and The Psychedelic Furs – what are you envisaging the next album being-

The Cars, Talking Heads, Steely Dan and Whitney Houston.

You’re coming out for Parklife this October, will this be your first visit to Australian shores- Will you be making any time for a spot of golf or skateboarding-
I’ve been going to Australia for the last six or seven years to DJ and it’s one of my favourite places to play, period. The whole band went almost two years ago on a three-city tour and we all had an amazing time. I would love to go golfing. I went once in New Zealand and it was way pretty. I could be convinced to jump on the skateboard too but nothing too crazy cause I’m tired of getting hurt. Nick is fearless – I’m sure he will be down.

Finally, when Gnarls Barkley came out for V Fest recently, the whole band hit the stage in tennis outfits; do you guys have any special golf caddy or gardener outfits to bust out onstage-
I would never blow the surprise like that! But I will say be prepared for an electric/spiritual display.

WHO: Greenskeepers
WHAT: Play Parklife
WHEN: Sunday 30 September