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Groove Terminator - Deep In The Grooves

Author: RK
Friday, 17 August 2007
3D’s RK talks to a quality Australian export - Groove Terminator - and welcomes him home...

It is always a pleasure talking about quality Australian exports. Simon Lewicki is an easygoing guy with a knack for creating a special club atmosphere for his fans. He has been labelled all manner of positive things, but you wouldn’t be far off the mark to call him a pioneer. An entertainer who moves with the times, he is equally happy in the studio or in front of a new crowd in a distant corner of the globe. He is not bothered by taking or rising to challenges and he has evolved to remain as relevant as he is well liked. Yet his attitude remains unflinching. “My philosophy remains pretty much the same – I have to have fun doing what I’m doing and it has to rock the dance floor!”

And while his outlook remains focused, about the main thing different in his life is the fact that he now lives in the City of Angels – a distant jaunt from his beloved Adelaide. He feels that his only pressure is from within and he remains constantly inspired and interested. “Given the quality level and frequency of music being produced the electronic world is really exciting me. I’ve been concentrating on my new band Jump Jump Dance Dance. The line up is myself on keys and bass, Chris Carter on guitars and vocals and Alex Carepetis on drums. Sound-wise we’ve been called somewhere between LCD Soundsystem and Duran Duran! If you can wrap your head around that! Songs about life and love for the dance floor basically.” A winning formula-

Well, judging by his previous success it is: he is a platinum producer, remixer, DJ and recording artist, and almost certainly one of the first Australians to be catapulted into the world of electronic music stardom. “Our record is just about finished and we are about to start playing some shows in LA before getting a proper tour together. And my label See Monster Run, which was set up primarily for my own musical output after I left EMI, is going to be unleashed like a monster onto the world!”

Nowadays, he finds himself doing odd bits and pieces around the place for everything from film to TV to mobile phone ring tones. “This is the main reason for my shift to the USA. This commercial work is what pays the rent despite the fact that I’ve been doing some songwriting and production. I’ve even collaborated on songs that are to be pitched for the new Pussycat Dolls album. But there are probably another 150 writers in the world doing the same thing right now, so my odds are slim in landing a cut, but it’s fun and different for me nonetheless! Music has been my passion and my life now since I was very young. Hearing a great new band or track for the first time that’s great and really fresh, gets me going and excited to either go out and DJ, or to get into the studio. I guess I’m driven to try and constantly evolve as a musician - to try new things and try to stay as relevant as I can really. The only thing that makes me happy and satisfied as a person is playing and making music!”

And expect that satisfaction and desire to please to come to the fore when he’s back in Australia shortly. “DJ rule number one is to entertain the crowd in your own individual way. So I get to play a whole bunch of music I think rocks and get people, well, to get off. Currently I’m enjoying the musical styling of the French House Mafia so I guess there will be quite a bit of that in my set among others.” Indeed, I cannot think of a better local homecoming for one of the country’s finest musical exports. While we toast our glasses, Simon continues looking for the music.

WHO: Groove Terminator
WHAT: Plays Famous at Home
WHEN: Saturday 25 August