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Hey Now DJs - Heywatch

Author: 3D
Friday, 26 October 2007
They have an almost disturbing love of watching Hasselhoff running along the beach in those tight red speedos, but so does most of the world. They are, of course, the Hey Now DJs and they party like it’s 1993. 3D chatted to Hansom and Fauce.

What’s with the Baywatch obsession-
There is something so mesmerising about David Hasselhoff’s body. So large and keg-like on the top half, so skinny and Ostrich like on the bottom. How do those legs cope- Incredible. Plus their theme song is killer.

Meanwhile your Gaywatch Megamix is sick. Is this indicative of your live sound-

Yeah, definitely – though we don’t always drop the Baywatch theme. It can be a party killer or a party starter. Apart from that we play a similar style to the Megamix with heaps of our own remixes and mashups to keep it interesting.

You’ve remixed the Paper Scissors’ We Don’t Walk. What was their first reaction when they heard it-
Hard to say because we weren’t with them. Though I could sense them dancing. Crowds seem to dig it. I think most people know the original, but don’t realise.  They find themselves singing but don’t know why.

What remixes are you working on right now-
Finishing of a remix of Grafton Primary’s I Can Cook. They are an incredible band and are gonna be huge. Also some stuff with Lost Valentinos (17 Deaths), The Dirty Secrets from Perth and hopefully a Cuthbert and the Nightwalkers number which could be completely random. Also a kid from the UK called Foamo, who was described to us as the new Muscles of the UK scene.

Did you all just one day decide to become DJs or is it something you’ve been working on for a while-
Well Hansom is an old school scratch DJ – he won young DJ awards for his scratching in the UK when he was at school. The rest of us just wanted to get paid while we were at parties. Plus walking around with record bags is so now.

Finally, what do you think the next big nostalgic comeback is-
Probably wearing beanies that are puffed up and on an angle, like that dude from East 17.  Guess we will have to wait till winter to find out it that comes true!

WHO: Hey Now
WHAT: Play Candy’s Apartment / Blow at Yu / Sounds on Sunday (Hansom solo)
WHEN: Friday 2 November / Saturday 3 / Sunday 4