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Ice hip hop workshops - Ice Ice Baby

Author: 3D World
Monday, 6 August 2007

MC Trey fills us in on a new urban music initiative for th Fijian-Australian community: the Ice Hip Hop Workshops.

Could you tell us briefly who the Information and Cultural Exchange and the Fiji Youth Initiative are, and a little about this new project-
Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) is a community arts organisation working at the intersection of arts, culture, information technology and community on a range of programs and projects that seek to creatively engage diverse communities and artists to build capacity, generate new forms of cultural expression, build cultural and community infrastructures, encourage intercultural dialogue and creative collaboration, and tell the stories of this extraordinary place. 

Fiji Youth Initiative (FYI) is a volunteer-based organisation of community workers, young people and members of the Fijian-Australian community who are committed to helping young Fijian-Australians by staging free workshops and events to inform and encourage them to succeed. Previous projects include Fiji Youth Day events, workshops and concerts.

What sorts of things will these young people be doing in these workshops-
Learning to make beats at ICE’s Switch multi-media centre, writing lyrics, recording their songs and possibly performing at the annual Fiji Day celebrations in October. They will also be encouraged to tell their stories and include traditional Fijian instruments like the lali drum.

You’re a member of the Fijian-Australian community yourself - how important do you think hip-hop is for this community and for young people on the whole as a way of expressing themselves-
Extremely important because we all need methods of expression and young people from Pacific communities are known to gravitate to music as it is a big part of our culture, plus there is a strong history of oral tradition in Fijian culture, so it makes perfect sense to utilise hip-hop music as a form of expression to tell urban stories.

Who is eligible to enrol in the workshops-
Young people from the Fijian-Australian community aged 15-25.

What do you hope students will get out of these workshops, for the short and long term-
A sense of achievement after seeing their thoughts transformed from page to stage to pumping out their speakers. I also hope that they are able to share their stories in hope of motivating and inspiring others. We will also press and sell a CD compilation with proceeds going back to ICE and FYI.

And what about you personally- Is it exciting for you to get involved with the community like this-
Very exciting, I’ve been running music workshops since 1995. I started at a detention centre in Sydney and at The Settlement in Redfern, and this is the first full-on program catered to the Fijian-Australian community, thanks to sponsorship from the Vodafone Australia Foundation. I’m stoked!

WHO: MC Trey
WHAT: Ice Hip Hop Workshops
WHEN: On now
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