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Author: 3D
Friday, 31 August 2007
Inthemix50 is Australia’s leading DJ competition and now they’re (finally) adding a Best Producer category. 3D decided to chat with two local production maestros, Pocket from Poxymusic and Bass Kleph, to get their thoughts on the comp.


The ITM50 has finally added a Producer’s Category – is this something you’ve been awaiting-
It is actually... to me the lines are so blurred these days, it didn’t make sense to me why it didn’t include “us”. It’s about bloody time... hehehe.

Why are annual polls such as the inthemix50 important for the industry-
I’m not always in favour of mutual back patting ceremonies... but at the same time I do believe in giving credit where its due and positive acknowledgement of one’s work is always a nice thing. Quantifying what one does against another is always hard though... it’s so subjective.

Who’s your money on to come in at number one-
Producer wise...- Dirty South. DJ wise... err...  Goodwill!

What has been your musical highlight of this past year-
Finishing our Poxymusic album that started three years ago has been a definite one. The fact that I’m still able to listen to it without cringing after so long is another highlight...  Also, going on holiday to Glastonbury and Roskilde... so much music... Soooo much mud....

Your website has been taken over by a link to the inthemix50 voting form. We admire this guerrilla marketing tactic. If you win, what will you do for your country.
Buy a round of drinks, then retire in the Bahamas.


The ITM50 has finally added a Producers Category. Is this something you’ve been awaiting with bated breath-
I’ve been really busy this year. Writing, remixing, DJing, and running my new label Vacation Records. I love the idea though. I remember having a conversation with a friend about something like this new category a few years back. It’s good to see it becoming official this year.

How have you been campaigning to move up the ranks of the ITM50-
Hehe, um, probably not hard enough. I’ve got the hyperlinked ITM logos on my MySpace, and have sent out a bulletin or two, but that’s about it. Having said that, it’s the work I’ve done throughout the year that should influence people to vote for me, not my spam.

What has been your musical highlight of this past year-
There are too many, I can’t choose! It would be either the crazy nights of DJing at my residency at Chinese Laundry, all the cool new music my friends have written over the past year, DJing in China, or the unexpected overwhelming success of my new label Vacation Records.

Who’s your money on to come in at number one-
Only a couple of years back the producers in Australia were few and far between. Now almost everyone is having a go at it and some of them are simply amazing. There are too many to choose from, but my money is on a good mate of mine, Hook N Sling. Maniscalco!!!

Finally, you describe your sound as a war on average. The Chaser have declared war on everything which would therefore also include a war on average. If we were to set up a duel between you and the Chaser lads, who do you think would win, and why-
I love that show, so I think I’ll pass on the duel. I’ll let them be the funny guys, as long as I can be the music guy. That’s all I wanna do. Write music and share it with others.

Of course, InTheMix50 is voted for by you, the public, so get to to help your favourite DJ/producer/club pick up the top gong!

WHAT: InTheMix50
WHEN: Voting closes 5 September